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News updated:

Case Study: The SSRIs antidepressants for erectile and orgasmic dysfunction, NO sexual orgasm.
Reader1: 1/4/2000>
Please discuss the effects of Pr-z-c (trade-marked drug name not allowed here) on the ability to have an orgasm.

Reader2: 1/13/2000>
My doctor has me on Z-l-ft (trade-marked drug name not allowed here). Can this be affecting my erections?

Dr. Lin:1/13/2000>
Yes! Anitdepressants such as Pr-z-c, Z-l-ft, and P-x-l belonging to the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs).
Serotonin, a nerotransmitter (chemical massage that allows nerouns to transmit the action voltage from the brain to the receptor organs or cells), plays a key role in emotional problems such as depression, suicide, impulse behavior, and emotional unstablity/agression. Neurons using serotonin as a neurotransmitter and the targeted cells are maily found in the brain's Pons cells. Usually, after neruotransmitters bind and stimulate their receptor sites, they travel back to their sending neurons for reuse, or reuptake. Reuptake keep neurotransmitter levels steady and maintain homeostasis. When the nervous Negative Feedback Controller detects a neurotransmitter is overproduced, the sending neurons will stop release new ones.
The SSRIs antidepressants inhibit the normal reuptake of serotonin. As a result, there is too much serotonin flooding the brain and interferring with Parasympathetic neurotransmitters Acetylcholine (ACh) production and sympathetic Dopamine system. It depresses the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous functions, resulting in erectile and orgasmic dysfunctions. The parasympathetic sexual nerve is responsible for penile erection and Clitoris/G-spot engorgement. The penile erection and Clitoris/G-spot engorgement will relay a signal to the pituitary to produce the orgasm hormone Oxytocin, responsible for the sympathetic, orgasmic action.
The antidepressants increase the orgasm inhibitor Prolactin level and decrease the orgasm hormone Oxytocin level.
Prolatin may be responsible for cancers or tumors in the breasts, ovaries, uterus and prostate (enlargement!).
By the way, our ViaGrowth-III or -IV plus FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max 4x are powerful enough to overcome the side effects of the SSRIs antidepressants. They are ACh (and weak Dopamine) enhancers and stress hormone blockers. They will restore an optimal Serotonin level for you under the Negative Feedback Controller.
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