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Case Study: Circumcision, male orgasm and female multiple sexual orgasm(s) - a How-To.
Reader: 1/10/2000>
Dear Dr. Lin. I have recently discovered your site, and your somewhat original advice and theories have really started to interest me. I have ordered your CD ROM today, and I have an open mind with regard to trying out your techniques and methods. I have a few problems that I am trying to overcome. I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice. I am a young man, age 27
1. Although doctors in my country are very negative to the procedure, I was for some strange reason circumcised as a child. The tremendous sensitivity of the glands that I/we hear so much about is not something I have experienced. The skin of the glands have gradually thickened and hardened. With regard to Sex, it is of course a lot more than just physical pleasure, but I would like it to be physically enjoyable as well. I hardly feel anything! Because of my problem, it is very difficult for me to have an ejaculation/orgasm. (I know that you can have an orgasm without a ejaculation, but I am not there by a mile ). Intercourse for me is a lot of extremely hard work. Sometimes I ask myself what is coming first: My orgasm or a heart attack. I do not have much experience with anal sex, but it solves one of the problems: It does not feel much better, but because of the increased friction I can come faster. Now there is some good news. I found many people with the same problems as me (on the net), and I was advised to stretch my foreskin. I have done that for one year, and the results are good. I can actually feel something now, but I still have a long way to go. Do you have any advice for me?
2. My first sexual partner was very special. Her body was hyper sensitive to sexual stimulation. She would have extremely strong orgasms, and disappear into some kind of semi unconscious state. She would scream uncontrollably, and I had to cover her mouth in order to protect our privacy. She had 10-12 orgasms when I had the energy to keep pumping and thrusting. If had had started and finished by fingering her, I am sure she could have had 20 orgasms!! Our relationship ended, and I am now seeing a new woman that I hope to marry within a year. She is totally different. She is 24 years old, and her body seems very numb. She doesn t like that I stimulate her clitoris. She is just not turned on/stimulated by it. While having intercourse she is very alert , and could probably solved a crossword puzzle if she had to If I work hard, she can get one orgasm, but it is very short and weak. She can only orgasm when she is sitting on top. I really love this girl, and I want her to love sex the way myx girlfriend did. What can I do? I know that she is also interested in trying to improve our sex life.
Thank you very much!!
Dr. Lin:1/11/2000>
1. It seems circumcision has exposed your glans for too much friction. As a result, the glans skin grows thicker to protect the underlay nerve. It helps you delay orgasm, but it may weaken your erection when you pass your 35.
To accelerate your orgasm, you should let your urethral never be stimulated during sex.
The most sensitive spot of the urethral never is under the neck of your glans penis, where is termed as the trigger zone in
During sex, you should let this spot get stimulate as possible as you can, while you should also periodically contract your prostate. This urehral never runs from the trigger zone to the prostate's ejaculation controller.
2. Your new girl friend needs a simultaneous stimulation on her clitoris and G-spot. The squeezing pressure against her urethral nerve from the simultaneous stimulation at her G-spot and clitoris will relay orgasm stimulation to her Orgasmic Pacemaker (the Epicenter). To help her achieve a powerful orgasm, her Epicenter must be stimulated along with her G-spot and clitoris. Stimulation of the Epicenter will relay a signal to her piyuitary to produce the orgasm hormone Oxytocin which, in turn, stimulates her uterine contraction to orgasm.
Without stimulate the orgasmic pacemaker, it is very difficult to give her a high-level orgasm. To increase the Oxytocin production, she has to elevate her testosterone-to-estrogen ratio. Too much estrogen in her bloodstream will cool down the G-spot and Epicenter nerves, increases the orgasm inhibitor Prolactin, and decreases the orgasm hormone production. Testosterone can heat the sexual nerve up and help her pituitary produce a large amount of Oxytocin. Stimulating her pubis and Epicenter, and suching her breast will stimulate the pituitary to increase the Oxytocin level during intercourse.
The woman-on-the-top position allows her to have her clitoris and G-spot stimulated at the same time. In the CD_ROM, the video file called Cat-rev.htm will demonstrated this reversed CAT lovemaking position. The most effective lovemaking position is my 3-Point Excitation Position, which allows your glans penis to lock into her Epicenter and stimulate her entire urethral never and cervix (without striking pain). The CD_ROM's video file will tell both of you how to do it correctly.
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