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Case Study: The effects of Hysterectomy on the female body for no sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/8/2000>
I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago. My sexual drive has declined since that time. I have had a hard time with estrogen replacements. They tend to cause the emotional rollercoaster, irritablity, and depression. I stopped taking them a few years ago. Now I find that I'm not very sexually agressive. It's very frustrating. Any suggestions?
Dr. Lin:1/9/2000>
Hysterectomy is not a simple physical removal of the uterus/ovaries.
Its effects are much broader than what OB/GYNs and surgeons think. It changes patients' affection, passion and mood. It affects not only the levels of estrogen/progesterone, but also the production of testosterone, human Growth Hormone (hGH), DHEA, Oxytocin and Prolactin (increasing), the nervous transmittion, and the hormonal negative control and balancing.
It removes the most densive hormone and bioelectric (neurotransmitter) receptor sites.
It blocks the blood circulation and nervous communication in the pelvic cavity.
It alternates the endocrine function - brain/ovarian function forever.
It is not a simple Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) can compensate the loss.
The ERTs such as Premarin, Menest, and Estratab are from Pregnant mare's urine which contains horse estrogens suchas Equilin and Equilenin. The horse estrogens may be foreign to your body. It seems your body is overloaded by ERT. The obvious signs of ERT overloading area:
1. Growth of breast tissue - resulting in breast tenderness and visible enlargement,
2. loss of frontal and crown head hair,
3. tension of your eyes and pupile,
4. grey-brown blotches on facial skin,
5. headache, dizziness and confusion.
You have to reduce your ERT dose.
Associated with mood, passion, libido and affection, ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea (Item 1-005) can help you to solve the problem. They are listed in
ViaGrowth-IV will increase your testosterone and DHEA level (and then your Oxytocin level), uplift your parasympathetic nervous function (Acetylcholine system) and then help power the brain dopamine system and the sympathtetic norepinephrine action for mood and libido (sexual and orgasmic) enhacements. ViaGrowth-IV increases the orgasm hormone Oxytocin and reduce the orgasm inhibitor Prolactin. The Oxytocin level in the body represents the mood, passion, affection, love, libido and orgasm capacity.
There is a nervous comminucation between the brain and uterus/cervix/Epicenter (Orgasm Pacemaker) for producing the orgasm hormone Oxytocin. Frequent or daily massage of the low abdomen, pubis and grions will increase the Oxytocin in the bloodstreams. The roles what Oxytocin plays in the body includes:
1. Love, passion, affection, libido and good mood;
2. Childbirth labor (uterine contarction) and milk release due to breasfeeding or nipple suction;
3. Sexual Orgasm (uterine/prostate contraction) and clitoris/g-spot/vaginal expansion and contraction.

During intercourse, stimulation of the Epicenter between the bladder and cervix will pace a signal to the pituitary to increase the production of Oxytocin that stimulates uterine contraction for orgasm, as shown in
Moving of the matured baby in the uterus wil stimulate the pituitary to produce a large amount of Oxytocin to stimulate the uterine contraction for the Childbirth labor.
Nipple suction can cause the pituitary to produce Oxytocin, sometimes resulting in sexual orgasm (uterine contraction) as well!
I suggest he should massage your breasts and pubis and suck your nipples every day (twice a day!).

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