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Case Study: Natural Penile Enlargement, Finger Plier Method, and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 1/6/2000>
I am 19 years old and have a 6 inch penis. I was reading through your webpage and noticed a section on penile enlargment. I read through a lot of the links but could not find the actual "instructions" required to enlarge my penis. I saw some pages about "ballooning" the penis but could not find specific instructions on how to do this. Also, I was wondering if lengthening the penis is at all possible? Does ballooning the penis just make it thicker? or longer? I have a slight downward curve in my penis and wanted to know if that is correctable. I started masturbating at a young age (about 12) and think that is the cause of the curving. The curving doesn't start at the base but rather the middle of the penis. Also, when describing how to enlarge the penis could you give detailed instructions on how to do this? I am anxious to try your methods but am very cautious about harming my penis in any way that might cause problems in the future.
In summary, what I would like to know is what I can do to enlarge my penis and what, if any, supplements such as herbs or vitamins i should take to help out the enlargement. If you could, when responding to this email could you explain each step completely? If you cannot write all of the directions down then could you at least provide me with links on your page where I might find this information?
Thank you for all your time. I found your site a couple of days ago and used your finger-plier method on my girlfriend and it worked great. Thanks for all your help!
Dr. Lin:1/7/2000>
Boy! you must understand that these methods and products have originally been developed based upon our own scientifically sexual experiments since we were young.
After our experiments, we have released our results to other loving couples for verification. Then, I wrote my 27+ year sexual experimental report as a book, with interpretation based up 5000-year Chinses Sex Bible (called SUU-NUI Ching) and modern western scientific advancement. The most impotant discoveries of my studies are: Sexual Orgasm Mechanics, Penile/Clitoral/G-spot Power-up (Natural Enlargement) method, and the herbal action on the nervous system.
My Finger Plier Method is the most powerful method in triggering female orgasm, smarter and more effective than a 9" hugh penis. It can massage the female trigger zone from the G-spot to the Epicenter to elevate orgasm hormone Oxtocin, and trigger a high-level orgasm from the G-spot or the Epcenter. It can be curved up to pinpoint the ichiest point in the vaginal ceiling for the volcano orgasmic pleasure.
If you thank about the Finger Plier can drive female orgasm so easily, what the penile enlargement means to you? The size of the finger is about 3-4 inches long and 1/2" thick. Then, you can realize the penile hardness (rigidity) is the key for women orgasm.
A 6" penis can be easily expanded to 7" with the Natural Penile Enlargement Method, as described in /cases/case7648.htm
That is sufficient to drive a Level-7 orgasm.
You must know you can not expand your penis with insufficient testosterone/DHEA/hGH (Nitric Oxide generator) that power the parasympathetic nervous function. The natural penile enlargement is driven by the parasympathetic nervous function.
Most of young men have drained out the hormones by over-masturbation! When the hormones are declining, the penis is shrinking!
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