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News updated:

Case Study: How to increase Orgasm hormone Oxytocin and reduce orgasm inhibitor Prolactin for more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/30/1999>
I would like to know why I dont orgasm.
Dr. Lin: 1/1/2000>:
are you on birth control pill?

Reader: 1/2/2000>
Thanks for the reply. No, I'm not on birth control pills. The medications I take are T?gret?l (trade-marked drug name not allowed) for seizures and Elavil for insomnia, Vitamin B12, iron pill, Women's One A Day Vitamin. Would birth control pills help me orgasm or what can be doen to help me. I have never had an orgasm. Please help.
Dr. Lin:1/5/2000>
Your medication inhibits your pituitary to produce the orgasm hormone Oxytocin.
Birth control pill also dampen the secretion of Oxytocin.
The problem is high-level orgasms may cause the brain to experience temporary seizure or blackout.
You can only have low_level orgasms.
In this regards, you can only take ViaGrowth-IV (with EnergiaTea, Item 1-005) without alpha blocker (FibraTea)
ViaGrowth-IV/EnergiaTea is a parasympathetic-dominant (cholinergic) formula with a slightly and naturally stimulating the brain's dopamine (sympathetic) function for orgasm. FibraTea is an alpha blocker, but a beta agonist in the sympathetic (adrenergic) receptors. ViaGrowth-IV/Fibra is an orgasm enhancer. Our most more advanced ViaPal-hGH-D (including ViaGrowth-IV, 2-oz FibraTea and 2-oz Ginsemg Power Max 4x) is a fully-balanced parasympathetic-sympathetic (cholingergic and adrenergic-beta) formula.
The cholinergic formula, a Yin-type supplement in terms of Chinese medicine concept, will naturally power the engorgement of clitoris and G-spot, and vaginal expasion and cervical/uterine tenting-up. For men, this mean the penile power-up or ballooning. Note that an adrenergic-beta formula, the Yang-type supplement, will intensify sexual orgasm with more Oxytocin.
The vaginal expansion, and cervical/uterine tenting-up (or the penile ballooning for men) will relay a signal to the pituitary to start secretion of the orgasm hormone Oxytocin, which leads you to orgasm once the G-spot or Epicenter is stimulated as shown in
Caution: After breaking the orgasmic barrier, don't stimulate the Epicenter which provides a powerfull positive feedback mechanism to the pituitary for more and more Oxytocin until you use up your testosterone and your dopamine system is shut down for secrecting significant amount of the orgasm inhibition hormone Prolactin
Your medication or birth control pill also increase the Prolactin level.
The Orgasmic ability is the dynamic balancing between Oxytocin and Prolatin in the female and male bodies.
Note: Oxytocin also initiates Childbirth labor and uterine contraction!
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