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Case Study: Childbirth blue? Why Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-III/Fibra can enlarge the G-spot for sexual orgasm
Reader: 12/28/1999>

Hi, I was "surfing" the web and read something you wrote. I wanted to know if you could give me some help? My wife and I had a child 3 years ago and I just recently was told that she hasn't had an orgasm since the childbirth. She says that it is like the "spot" is just out of reach now like it moved from giving birth. Needless to say, it has really made me feel....... sad. She said she used to have them all the time before we had children so I know I used to be able to do it for her. Is that normal? Can things "shift" around from that? I don't know what to do. I was looking all over the web for ways to get "bigger" so I could reach that spot again but I am confused as to if any of it really even works or if it is all a scam. I would be really appreciative if you could tell me if you honestly knew of anyway to made "it" bigger. I am at a loss about what to do or where to look. Thanks for any help you can share with me.

Dr. Lin:12/28/1999>
Childbirth and Childbearing will reduce the body ability to synthesize L-arginie, the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and Nitric Oxide (NO) agents and will increase the production of a pituitary hormone called prolactin that dampens libido and sexual/orgasmic respones. . Tranditionally, Old Taoists said "Teenage or young women stop growing upon pregnancy." I believe that is the main reason.
(Note: Breastfeeding, medication drugs and luteal phase will increase the prolactin level. Our experiements have shown that even with a high prolactin level in the bloodstream, libido and sexual/orgasmic responses can be powered up by elevating the neurotransmitters Acetylcholine and Dopamine. Our ViaGrowth-III and IV have done it.)
Reduction hGH means the start of aging. Changing hGH means Changing testosterone and estrogen production. If estrogen is reduced faster than testosterone, the woman's vagina lining will become thin enough to expose the G-spot for sexual stimulation even testosterone does not heat up the G-spot nerve.
Thus, the woman will have a good sexual and orgasmic response even if she is not HOT. She doesn't need masturbation at all but she is very responsive.
On the other hand, some women who gain a lot of weight after childbirth will have excess estrogen in the body. That means, the vaginal lining becomes thicker. Therefore, the G-spot may be buried in the deep layers of tissues, and the G-spot nerve will become insentive and then dispear!
I also believe that Childbirth will temporarily affect the body ability to synthesize Acetyl L-carnite and Choline which are essential for the parasymapthetic axonal terminals to release acetylcholine (ACh) upon the nervous action pulse. The level of the action pusle (AC + DC potentials) depends on the resting (DC) postential of the nervous system, which is charged by testosterone burning. Without sufficient testosterone, ACh and NO, the G-spot tissues won't be properly swollen.
Tranditionally, Old Taoists advised that new mothers' bodies must be replenished by tonic herbal young-hen soup to bring back the nervous, liver and endocrine functions. It works very well. Nowaday, people forgot this trandition, instead they only rely on Vitamins. As we know, to restore the body function, it requires more than vitamins. The body needs a complete spectrum of amino acids and hormones (plant sources are preferred).
That is why we have developed ViaGrowth-III/FibraTea, or Heat Tea to help women out.
The powerup of the G-spot is the same as the natural penile enlargement - the penile powerup method.
In fact, we have very sucessfully tested ViaGrowth-III/Fibra + Ginseng Power Max 4x for both the penile and G-spot/clitoris powerup. The tricks are (1) letting the hormone receptors in the G-spot to bind more testosterone to burn or to heat up the G-spot nerves, (2) increasing the resting potential of both parasympathetic (for sexual response) and sympathetic (for orgasmic response) sexual nerves with increasing ACh concetraction, (3) increasing the NO synthesis in the G-spot tissue. Therefore, the G-spot will pop out by increasing its size up to 6 times.
ViaGrowth-III contains plant estrogen and hormones to be bounded into the hormone receptors in the sex organ tissues in order to prevent overstimulation of the local cells or receptors after orgasm.
Well, our products have traceables records on the stimulation of the G-spot and clitoral engorgement. You can read articles listed in
We have a lot of customers buying Heat Tea for their wifes, and then they buy other products for themself!
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