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Case Study: Why sexual orgasm disappear? Ejaculate too many time in one love session.
Reader: 12/5/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin, My boyfriend and I are about to break up because I cant achieve orgasm. I had my first earth-shattering color-swirling orgasm with him months ago and I cant seem to duplicate it. He says he cant enjoy sex if I dont orgasm. I try, but the pressure to having to orgasm to keep our realtionship together takes a lot of the fun out of sex. Plus I feel as though I'm dysfunctional because I cant achieve orgasm on my own. I never masturbated to orgasm as a child - my mother had made it plain that touching myself wasnt allowed. I have no problems getting aroused, but I cant get up to that point that will make an orgasm happen. Can you help?
Dr. Lin:12/7/1999>
I think it is his erection problem.
Young men usually ejcaulate 2 or 3 times in one love session, resulting in sexual exhaustion and weak erection.
I bet his erection is too weak to drive you to orgasm.
You cann't orgasm without a hard penis to stimulate your G-spot spot.
Here is our statistics of the erection power vs. orgasm chance as listed in http://www.actiontao.com/image/penclass.jpg
Your orgasmic capacity does nothing with your masturbation.
My wife has never masturbated by herself, but she is very orgasmic because I give her a very hard penis in every love session and I know the trick to make her come in a short time.
I think you are very orgasmic. Nothing wrong with your body.
Obviously, he tries to blame you for his fault. He is not a responsible man. Give him up!

Reader: 12/8/1999>
Dr. Lin, thanks for the advice. you don't think the problem lies with me and maybe something i'm not doing? i dont want to have this problem with any other lover i may have, i want to solve it here and now. my bf is under the impression that maybe my PC muscles arent strong enough or maybe i have some sort of mental block. to tell you the truth, i'm starting to believe it myself, and that doesnt help the situation. i think maybe my clitoris isnt working because i get 10 times more pleasure from him sucking on my nipples. what can i do?
Dr. Lin: 12/8/1999>
You don't have any problem! Your clitoral and G-spot are working, since you have it months ago. You can test them again with my Finger Plier Method,
Orgasm does nothing with your PC muscle either. A stronger PC muscle will give you a more powerful orgasm, perhaps with ejaculation, but does nothing with triggering orgasm. When a man has a weak erection, he will blame his partner for his erection problem. The most common execuse is: Your vaginal muscle is too loose.
Young men's weak erection is a result of over-masturbation and over-ejaculation. Men have a tendency to empty sperm and semem from their body in one love or masturbation session. They will ejaculate over and over again until they are sexually exhausted. Male insects usually die for mating. Men have the same tendency too. A lot of young men becomes impotent due to sexual exhaustion, as listed in
When men have a weak erection, women feel nothing about the penis.
Why I say this.
When I start to experience my midlife transition many years ago, I lost my erection power. I complained on my wife's vagina being too loose.
My wife fought it back with my penis pictures and lovemaking videoes which show my erection was pointed to a 12-1 o'clock position before my 43, as shown in
When she gave me an oral sex, her mouth can not bend the penis down. She told me my glans penis was be able to hang 10-20 lb weight. That is, it can exert more than 6 pounds-per-square-inch pressure on her G-spot. I believe that. We have done a lot of study on the stimulation pressure and speed to trigger orgasm, as described in
We video-taped our lovemaking and analyzed lovemaking positions and orgasmic response. Thus, we have discovered my 2-point and 3-point Excitation Methods as described in
My wife said the penile erection is the key for the sucessful G-spot or/and Epicenter stimulation. Vaginal Orgasm requires a simultaneous stimulation on the G-spot and Clitoris/Epicenter with a lot of stimulation pressure and speed. She pointed out that My Finger Plier, one finger acting on her G-spot and another on her clitoris, can trigger her orgasm in less than 1 minute. This means the penile erection and the stimulation points are the keys for women to achieve orgasm. My finger size is 4 inches long and 0.5 inches thick!! That also indicates that men don't need a huge penis to make women come.
Since then, I have started to search herbal supplements to bring my penis back to the right track. I have gotten what my wife wants, a hard erection again. Our products, PeniSOS, ViaGrowth-I, ViaGrowth-II, ViaGrowth-III, ViaGrowth-IV, Fibra, Ginseng 4x tea, and more, are the results of our more than 25 year researches. These products also solve my back pain of over-ejaculation and my wife's post-orgasmic pain/cramps resulting from multiple orgasms, in the certain days of every ovarian cycling as shown in
They also help us balloon the penis and clitoris/G-spot to the extreme sizes without much effort. They are for multiple orgasms.
Ballooning the penis and swelling the G-spot/clitoris are the key for the vaginal orgasm, as shown in
You should evaluate the engorgement degree of your clitoris and G-spot to regain your self confidence.
Sucking nipples can stimulate uterine contraction and stimulate the hypothamalus and pituitary for increase hormone production. It can produce orgasm too. Breat feeding will help new mom to shrink the uterus back and sometimes, triggers orgasm.
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