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Case Study: Hysterectomy, post-menopause and sexual orgasm, including urine therapy?
Reader: 12/5/1999>
I had a hysterectomy for endometriosis in 1992. Then in 1995, I had my ovaries removed and my bladder tied up. I have always been very happy with everything in my life and have never regretted anything until after this last surgery. I was so grateful to find your website because it is the first time I have found any logical explanation to what is going on and for the first time there may be hope. I am 46 years old and I have a wonderful loving husband. We have a fantastic sexual relationship, but ever since I had the surgery in 1995, I cannot achieve orgasms. Before this surgery, I always had easy multiple orgasms. Now I feel like I get right on the verge, but there just isn't any explosion like there used to be. Sometimes, I even get really bad cramps like in my hip joints. I am very sad about this and miss them very much. Until I read your web- site, I just didn't know where to turn. My gynocologist always said that if I had a good sex life before the surgeries, I would have a good sex life after. Boy, was he wrong!!! I go to a wonderful wholistic family doctor, but he just hasn't been able to do anything to help with this. I was taking 1.25 of Pr-mar-n (The Estrogen Replacement drug, Trade-marked name not allowed). My Doctor recently did tests for the adrenals and discovered I needed DHEA. When I started taking DHEA, I started getting hot flashes and night sweats, so I figured I was getting too much estrogen, so I cut the Pr?mar?n (trade marked name not allowed here) tablets in half. This seems to help, but I still feel awful. It is hard to explain, but I feel like I'm in a foggy tunnel alot of the time. I am also taking 1 tablet of .025MG Sy?thr?id (trade marked name not allowed here) 2 times a day, and 1 capsule of 22.5 M?G T3 compound - 3 times a day. I have alot of allergies. I have tried all kinds of progesterone pills and creams and I feel awful and get lumps in my breast when I take it.
I have tried to decide by reading your website what I need to order, but I'm just not sure what I need. Can you give me some advise? You talked in one article about the autorhythmic fibers being destroyed and doing special training with the Anal Breathing Method. Is this method explained on the #0-001 CD Rom? Can you please tell me by the order # which herbs or supplements would be beneficial for me? I would really appreciate any advise you can give me as soon as possible as I am very anxious to order these products. Thank you.
Dr. Lin:12/7/1999>
Therectically, a hysterctomy woman can still have clitoral orgasm if there is sufficient testosterone in the clitoral tissues. Since you are in the middle life, your adrenal function is insufficient to provide you with sufficient testosterone to charge your clitoral nerve. please read
Try the clitoral-based orgasm first.
Anal Breathing Method, which is explained in the CD-ROM, is an indirect stimulation method, more complicated than the Clitoral-based stimulation. Direct stimulation on the tail-bone nerve through the anus requires locating the nerve first. It is not easy for anal sex.
You need the natural hormone replacement to lift you up.
Your hot flashes and night sweats are the signs of liver and adrenal overheating. They are the common symptoms for post-menopause women. ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV(update 3-/16/2000) will not only help you solve these problem, but also power your liver, endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular functions for sexual orgasm. The ingredients, will be converted to testosterone by the liver function. It also contains plant estrogen/hormones and liver/adrenal enhacers to enhance the liver and adrenal function.
Thus, Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV is a full spectrum, natural hormonal replacement, Item 3-001 or Item 1-005 in

Reader: 12/9/1999>
Thank you for answering my e-mail. What you say makes alot of sense. I have a few more questions.
You suggest that I order Item 3-001 which includes ViaGrowth-III. When I looked at the order form, item 3-001 says it also includes Verdina, Energia, & Fibra (1-oz each), and PeniSOS (60tabs). Do I ONLY take the Heat Tea and the ViaGrowth-III? Or do I take all of these products in 3-001? Do any of your products contain caffiene? I am allergic to caffiene.
Do I continue to take the Pr?mar?n with these products, or discontinue the Pr?mar?n?
Your attachments mention your "Finger Plier Method". Is this and the clitoral-based orgasm covered in the CD-Rom (Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasm)? Would this CD-Rom be helpful for me to order?
Once again, thank you for answering my e-mail and for your help!!

Reader: 12/10/1999>
I just remembered a couple of more questions I would like to ask.
Do these products protect against osteoporosis and heart disease like Premarin claims to do? Also, would the Premarin be the reason for weight gain, or is it from the removal of the ovaries? I have gained 35 pounds since my ovaries have been removed.
Thank you!

Dr. Lin: 12/12/1999>

Answer for 12/9/1999's e-mail:
Our products contains no Caffiene.
Now , Heat Tea includes ViaGrowth-III, since ViaGrowth-III can be converted to testosterone by the liver function without the ovarian function, a must for middle-age, senior and hysterectomy women.
The other components support the liver, adrenal, nervous and cardiovascular functions.
Heat Tea has to take care of the entire body to help women out.
ViaGrowth-III is a natural Hormonal Replacements (Note 3/16/2000>:ViaGrowth-IV contains everything.)
Any hormonal replacement therapy requires a powerful liver function; otherwise the liver will make too much estrogen, instead of testosterone, for you.
You can discontinue Pr-m-in (the Estrogent Replacement Drug, Trade-marked name is not allowed here) with Heat Tea (or ViaGrowth-IV, 3/16/2000 updated).
The Finger Plier method is a very tricky approach that stimulate the clitoris, G-spot and urethral nevers at the same time.
In men and women bodies, there are two nerve branches in the pelvic area to trigger sexual orgasm.
One is along the urethra (the Clitoral base, G-spot and Epicenter); the other is near the tail bone (anal sex).
The Finger Plier method and my 3-point Excitation Method are to lock the urethral nerve for female orgasm.
For men, this urethra nerve runs from the urethral oriffice under the glans to the prostate; for women, it runs from the glans clitoris (= the glans penis) via the G-spot (= the male trigger zone) along the urethra to the Epicenter (= the prostate).
The Clitoral base is the other side of the G-spot accross the urethra as shown in
The Clitoral base is an energy gate (or window). Opening the gate produces a pulse which is called the clitoral orgasm.
The Clitoral oragsm is like the electric surge pulse by turning on a switch.
The Finger Plier method is to focus the stimulation on this gate and G-spot as well.
The stimulation on the clitoris is to open on the energy gate while the G-spot stimulation is to trigger the orgasmic pacemaker for uterine contraction.
The Finger Plier method and my 3-point Excitation Method usually produce a powerful hybrid orgasm, a combination of clitoral, G-spot and/or Epicenter Orgasm. The typical vocal record of a Level-7 orgasm is shown in
where the first pulse (following the mark of Breaking Orgasmic Barrier) is the clitoral orgasm and the pulses following the clitoral orgasm are the result of the uterine contraction driven by the continuous stimulation of the G-spot and Epiecenter.
All the information is detailed in the CD_ROM.

Answer for 12/10/1999 e-mail:
The best solution for osteoporosis and heat disease prevention is Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV(Natural Hormonal Replacement) which is the most powerful products in the dietary supplements as I know 3/16/2000.

Pr-ma-n contains estradiol, the strongest estrogen, with estrone and estriol. These estrogens may come from extract of horse urine, and pretty close to the human's, but not identical. The other horse estrogens, equilin and equilenin, in the Estrogen Replacement Drug, are not produced by the human body at all.
By the way, don't get me wrong on the horse urine. Urine contains a lot of hormones excreted by the kidneys. The old Chinese medicine books mentioned that urine is a therapeutic medicine. Urine from kids and teenagers contains a lot of Human Growth Hormone (hGH); Young men's urines contains a lot of testosterone; Young women's contains a lot of estrogen. Thus, there is a Japenese Chinese-Medicine professor promoting urine therapy. There are a lot of followers in the US too. I saw a woman drinking her own's urine (the first peeing upon wake-up,) as reported by our south Florida TV station Channel-7 last year. She said it is "delicious" and effective to give her a lift!

The main problem you have, perhaps, is the overdose of Pr?ma?n. Weight gain is a symptom of excess estrogen. Since your main estrogen manufactory, the ovaries, has been removed, the excess estrogen must be from P?em?in. You must get depressed due to excess estrogen in your body. Obviously, Pr-ma-n (the Estrogen Replacement Drug) uses estradiol to protect against osteoporosis and heart disease. Estradiol may be too strong for you, which produces the unwanted side effect - weight gain.

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