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Case Study: Transforming clitoral orgasm to full sexual orgasm.
Reader: 12/2/1999>
Dr. Lin, I am so glad to have found your website! I have a problem I am sure you heard before. Ever since my first sexual experience (which wasn't positive or consensual, it was under abusive situations), I can't have an orgasm while having sex with a man. I feel that I am approaching something, and it feels good, but I do not "come". This has been a secret frustration of mine and I envy the women who are able to do so. I am 27 years old and I don't want to fake it anymore. I am bisexual, so I have a female lover in my life now, but I find that I am repeating the same patterns with her. I don't want to start lying to her, but I don't want her to think that she isn't pleasing me. I can bring her to orgasm with my fingers inside of her, sucking her clitoris or using a dildo. After making love to her, I am extremely wet and turned on, but if she attempted to do any of those things to me, I wouldn't orgasm; I would just get really excited. I want to be able to reach an orgasm through sex toys, fingering and caressing the vagina and clitoris, and sexual penetration with a man (if I chose that) and even just having my breasts sucked. Right now, Mr. Lin, being with her means more to me than you'll ever know. PLEASE HELP. I am near tears.
P.S. - I have orgasms by masturbating with my fingers rubbing my clitoris, but that is the only way presently that I achieve orgasm.
P.S.S. - Is it true about the female ejaculation? Could you give specific instructions as to how to achieve that? You can post my ad on your site, but please - not my name or personal info.
Dr. Lin:12/5/1999>
Breaking Orgasmic barrier is very tricky.
When you start to feel good, your feeling can be intensified to orgasm. If you can have clitoral orgasm, you can transform the clitoral orgasm to vaginal orgasm.
The trick: stimulate your urethral nerve from your vaginal ceiling while your clitoris is getting stimulated.
This is the principle of my Finger Plier Method and 3-point Excitation Method. The Orgasm Requirements: Power up your clitoris and G-spot - a result of the blood flow and pressure produced by a testosterone burst and burning in the pelvic cavity, producing the vaginal/uterine expansion and tenting effects and increasing the orgasm hormone (oxytocin) level. If you fails to tent up your vagina/uterus and swell your clitoris and G-spot, you need ViaGrowth-III to help you make the orgasm transformation.
Men and women use the same urethral nervous chain to trigger orgasm.
For men, it runs from the trigger zone near the urethra orifice to the prostate ejaculation control valve.
For women, it runs from the clitoral glans to the Epicenter Via the clitoral base (the other side of the G-spot across the urethra) and G-spot. The Clitoral base becomes the energy gate of the sexual energy stored in the Epcenter. Detail is give in
Stimulation on the ceiling of your vagina along with the clitoral base with a lot of pressure and a high speed will intensify your feeling to bring you over the edge.
The problem is Your partner did not give you a proper stimulation. Ask her or him to stimulate your vaginal ceiling and clitoral base at the same time.
If the stimulation is not hitting the right spot, you won't come.

My wife experienced Female Ejaculation very often in her 30-40. I got sprayed on my face by her FE when I performed a Finger Plier experiement to trigger her first orgasm 10 years ago. F.E. requires a powerful vaginal muscle, powerful uterine contraction and an optimum estrogen level and a high testosterone level in the contractile fibers of the uterine and vaginal muscle. Heat Tea and vaginal exercise can help female ejaculation as described in

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