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Case Study: Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV gives you the happy hormones Acetylcholine, Dopamine and Norepinephrine to restore your multiple sexual orgasm (s).
Reader: 12/5/1999>
Before my depression last year, I had a really good response sexually to my husband. I had great arousal and no problem with orgasm. Now, I can not experience an orgasm. My doctor tells me it is not the medication I am taking. He and my therapist feel that has to do with things emotionally because I am a survivor of sexual abuse. Everything feels really good, but I cannot reach a climax. It is really hard to lose the orgasm after having such a good response before. Do you have any advice?
Thank you angie
Dr. Lin:12/5/1999>
You can definitely have orgasm because you had had it. Sexual abuse does nothing with orgasmic capacity.
The reasons you have depression can be:
1. Your Central Nervous System (CNS) has a low bioelectric level so that it cannot drive your endocrine system to produce sufficient testosterone and DHEA hormones to power up your Autonomic Nervous Division that affects orgasmic capacity. Burst and burning of testosterone with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, during sexual encounter, which will generate bioelectric energy to elevate the bioelectric level in the entire nervous system of the body, are essential for orgasm.

2. There is a lack of of the neurotransmitters (chemical or hormone messengers) Acetylcholine (ACh) and Norepinephrine (NE). ACh is released by the parasymapthertic and somatic neuron terminals; NE by the symapthetic ganglion cells or by the adrenal medulla. They are enable to attach to your bioelectric cells (receptors) to fully establish the bioelectric communication between the target organs and the CNS. The attachement of ACh to the ACh bioelectric cells in the sex organs increases the sexual response and erection/engorgement by promoting the sensitivity and action voltage. NE helps contrict the veins to trap the hormone-enriched blood in the sex organs to hold the erection and engorgement, where the hormones in the trapped blood are burned into bioelectric power to charge the associated parasymapethic and sympathetic nerves. Your problems can be:
(a) The ACh or/and NE secretion is insufficient due to a lack of proper diet;
(b) The ACh or/and NE receptors are blocked by ACh-receptor or Beta-receptor blocking drugs, respectively.
Your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter's bioelectric receptors are unable to fully communicate with your CNS if your neuron terminals can not release sufficient ACh and NE to establish the comminucation channels for the Parasymapthetic/Somatic and Sympathetic, sexual nerves, respectively.
3. A weak endocrine function is unable to produce testosterone and DHEA burst during sexual encounter. Testosterone burst and burning are essential to elevate the bioelectric level of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous divisions, which can, in turn, increase the release of ACh and NE.

NOTE:The ACh release requires the enzymes Choline Acetyltransferase, the amino acid Choline, and Acetyl CoA derived from lipids (tonic foods). The release of NE needs the presence of Dopamine and the enzyme Dopamine B-hydroxylase, while Dopamine (libido driver) is synthesized from L-Dopa with the enzyme Dopa decarboxylase and L-Dopa is from the amino acid Tyrosine and the enzyme Tyrosine hydroxylase. Tyrosine can be otained from foods and dietary supplements, or synthesized from the amino acid Phenylalanine with the enzyme Phenylalanine hydroxylase. NE can be converted to adrenaline (epinephrine) with the enzyme Phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase with the action of the sympathetic nervous pluses on the adrenal medulla.

3. In your brain, the Hypothalamus/Pituitary which forms the command center of your endocrine system, may experience insufficient neurotransmitters dopamine, ACh and NE. Dopamine, ACh and NE are the main chemicals for energy, feeling good, action drive, and libido (where Dopamine dominates over NE!). It will power the erection or engorgement of sex organs to an extreme state, so that the sympathetic function (when NE dominates) trigger the adrenal medulla to produce a Epinephrine (ie. stress hormone, adrenaline) burst to drive the uterine contraction - the utilamte sexual orgasm,with a sequence of the sysmpathetic, bioelectric action voltage. This is why I empahsize the power-up of the love tools in the lovemaking as the key to achieve powerful orgasms for a loving couple, as shown in
As long as the love tools are powered to an extreme state, the sympathetic nervous division, when its bioelectric voltage is elevated over -40 mV, will execute the "Fight or Flight" command to trigger the Orgasm Pacemaker to break the orgasmic barrier for producing a sequence of orgasmic waves to release the sexual tension.
NOTE: ACh is associated with the circulation of "Yin Chi"; NE, with the circulation of "Yang Chi"; Adrenaline, with the "Defense Chi,"in the Chinese Medical Concept.
Accordingly, Heat Tea is formulated to naturally power the entire body for help women out. Heat Tea can restore your orgasmic capacity for multiple orgasms in one love session without orgasmic pains and cramps.
please check Item 3-010 in
It will make you happy and feel good, with no more depression.
Note (3/17/2000): For women after 45 or menopause, I recommend ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea and Ginseng Power Max 4x, as a natural hormonal replacement therapy.

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