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Case Study: Principles and tricks for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/28/1999>
I am 26 years old and I don't beleive that I have ever had an orgasm! I am in desperate need of knowing how. I have had different partners in my life, but their the only ones satisfied. If you could please please help me or just a little tid bit would be great!
Dr. Lin:11/29/1999>
You have to work with a constant partner who can have a hard erection, hold it for you at least 30 minutes, and take care of you. He can learn how to make you happy sexually. Couples cannot enjoy life together without sexua orgasm.
The trick to develop your vaginal orgasmic capacity is to massage your urethra from inside (vaginal ceiling between the 11 to 1 o'clock position) and outside (along the clitoral shaft and base).
The urethra nerve links to the Epicenter (female) and the prostate ejaculation control (male), both of which are called the Orgasmic Pacemaker.
Stimulating the urethra nerve will elevate the bioelectric voltage in the Orgasmic Pacemaker to -40 mV from -70 mV. This results in self excitation of the Orgasmic Pacemaker to produce orgasm for men and women.
Since the female urethra is hidden inside the body, protected by the pubic bone and a thick layer of the Vaginal Lining, it requires a lot of stimulation pressure acting the clitoral base/shaft and the vaginal ceiling to supercharge the Orgasmic Pacemaker. The thickness of the Vaginal Lining and the bioelectric voltage of the nerve determine the vaginal orgasmic capacity.
Medication medicines and birth control pill can thicken the vaginal lining and lower down the bioelectric level in the sexual sensory, parasympathetic, sympathetic nerves, leading to frigidity. That is why we develop Heat Tea to reverse the problems induced by medication and pill.
The male urethra is more accessible for sexual stimulation to ejaculate.
There are two sensitive spots along the urethra: One is located in the first two inches from the urethral orifice (outside) and the other spot is at its other end inside the body.
For men, they are the Trigger Zone and Prostate Ejaculation Control Valve; For women, they are the G-spot and Epicenter.

That is:
The Male Glans Penis => The Female Glans Clitoris;
The Male Trigger Zone => The G-spot;
The Male Prostate => The Epicenter (the degenerated prostate);
as shown in
To solve your problem,
1. you have to consider if you take any medications or pills;
2. test your urethral nervous response with my Finger Plier Method.
You can use this method to develop a very sensitive response of the G-spot and Epicenter nerves. This method allows your man to perform a pressure stimulation massage from the vaginal orifice/G-spot deep to the Epicenter, along with the clitoral nerve.
The massage will swell the clitoris and G-spot to 3-5 times in size, as shown in
My 3-point Excitation Love Position takes the same action through intercourse.
If you fail to portrude your G-spot and engorge the Clitoris, you won't have vaginal orgasm. You should consider Heat Tea to help you out.
One more trick: The Clitoral rooting nerve is the controller of the Energy Gate (I call it the Earth Gate). The clitoral rooting nerve is located in the opposite side of the G-spot across the urethra. You must get a simultaneous stimulation on your G-spot and the clitoral base/shaft with a lot of pressure to open this energy window to allow the sexual energy trapped in the Orgasmic Pacemaker to pulse out and trigger your vaginal orgasm.
If you can not have orgasm to release the sexual energy trapped in the orgasmic pacemaker, you will experience pelvic congestion and hypertension and become anxious and aggressive.
You should try my Finger Plier Method to evaluate your sexual response first.

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