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News updated:

Case Study: Damage of Over-masturbation or Over-ejaculation for no sexual orgasm.
Reader 1: 11/23/1999>
I like to know the negative effects of masterbation. I masterbate almost every night, and I recently did a full blood test and noticed that my RBC and WBC were a little low about point .28 below what is considered be normal.
I like to know If the reduction of my RBC and WBC a have any thing to do with my masterbation.
I am a male,I do excerise three days aweek(including weight lifting). And last what are the long term effects of masterbating. Thank you

Reader 2: 11/29/1999>
if i had overmastubration became my penis was shrink, then how i need to getting my penis want to be bigger?? can you explain to me how to doing that? thank you..

Dr. Lin:11/29/1999>
To: Reader 1:
Your RBC and WBC measures said its all.

To: Reader 2:
If you have sufficent hormones in your body, you can make it with the Ballooning Method.

General comments for both:
I have more comments on the damage of over-masturbation and over-ejaculation for you. Most critical problem associated with overmaturbation or over-ejaculation is the deactivation of the Central Nervous System (CNS) that drives the hypathamalus and anterior pituitary, the master of the endorine function for hormonal production, and power the entire endocrine function through the parasympathetic nervous division - the bioelectric backup battery.
Over-maturbation or over-ejaculation fully consumes testosterone and leaves nothing to recharge the CNS and the parasympathetic backup battery. It is the same situation as that you have drained out your car battery.
If you do so many times, the battery is fully dead, non-rechargeable. This means your penis is shrunk and your erection will point to a 4-6 o'clock position. The worst situations are:

1. Weak low back and low back pain - you need a wide waist belt to help you lift or hold an object.
2. Bold Head in your 20's - you have burned out too much testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
3. Prostate Enlargement in your 30's - Too much DHT with a poor blood circulation in your prostate area results in prostate enlargement.
4. Premature Ejaculation - You have trained your prostate ejaculation control valve to ejaculate in the simple or light sexual stimulation; Martial arts can train the hands or legs to have an intuitive response to the visual and audio stimulations; Over-masturation and over-ejaculation trains the prostate ejaculation control nerve to intuitively respond to the visual and audio sexual stimulation as well. In the severe situation, when you see the female sex organ, you are about to come, even without penetrating.
5. Penile shrinkage or bending - When your endocrine function is no longer able to produce sufficient DHEA and testosterone, your penis will start to shrink or bend down; this will mess up your sexual life, leading to divorce. Women will have never gotten orgasm from your penis!

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