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Case Study: How to Restore a broken penis for erection and sexual orgasm.
Reader: 11/22/1999
Dear Sir, My husband injured his penis a few months ago when we were having intercourse. He said that he felt his penis bend backward and then he felt pain. We haven't been able to have intercourse since, he is unable to achieve an erection. At first it hurt to much for him to try, but now the pain is gone. He is able to reach orgasim, but no erection and his penis is curved now.
What should he do? I need an answer soon, it's been four month's since we've had sex.
Thank you for your help.
Dr. Lin:11/25/1999>
Very sorry to hear his story.
To promote selfhealing, the penile tissues and nuerons needs hormones (hGH, testosterone, DHEA and estrogen).
He also need Nitric Oxide (NO) releasers to help dilate penile blood vessels and capillary. To enrich the hormone level in his blood flow and help his body to produce more NO, he should take ViaPal-hGH packages.
This is a 30-45 day supply for him
ViaPal-hGH packages are listed as Item 3-009/012 in
You can select one package to fit his physical conditions.
To get more hormone-enriched blood circulating to the penis, he has to mechanically inflate his penis. He needs a Vacuum Penile Pump (not our Vacuum-cupping massage tool!). Don't pump too hard since overpumping will causes tissue damage. When pumping, make sure that the penis can be inflate evenly. Pump the penis up 2 or 3 times a day. The best times to do so are in the morning upon waking up, and in the evening 1 or 2 hours prior going to bed.
After pumping, apply a little muscle rub (for example, Bengay) to and massage the damage tissues (curved area) for 5-10 minutes.
Also massage his pubis and grions (without muscle rub) every day for 5-10 minutes, as shown in
I believe, in one month, he will be able to erect hard enough to perform.

Reader: 11/25/1999>
Dear Sir,
What will happen to him if he doesn't get the treatment he needs? He is 57 (and I am 40) and he is embarrassed to talk about this to anyone. Thank-you for your advice.
Dr.Lin: 11/26/1999>
He may become impotent permanently.
The reason he got the penis broken is that he had a weak erection when you had a wild ride. Nobody should get the blame.
It is very commom to smash the penis when a loving couple uses the woman-on-the-top position. We had an almost-here experienece many year ago.
Particularily, when the woman is approaching to the state of orgasm, her body motion becomes very wild, including 6-degree-of-freedom motions as consistently shown in all our 20-year lovemaking video/audio documents during 1977-1997 before I released my book. That is why I can have advised orgasmic loving couples to have a hard erection for the woman's wild ride. I am the only one to help loving couples to solve this problem as listed in
and more in
My wife always makes sure that my erection is pointed to a 2-12 o'clock position as shown in
before she performs a wild ride in our 3-point-Excitation Position.
It is not only for penile safty, but also for her to achieve multiple orgasmic responses in one shot in less than one minute.
Our studies and experiements on sexual health and problems are so extensive that there are no other "so-called" sexual experts or scientists can compare with, since we have the first hand experiences in troubleshooting the problems.
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