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Case Study: Teenage girl addictied to sex and sexual orgasm! Solutions!
Reader: 11/16/1999
Hey DOC, well the whole reason why i ask is because well i met this girl my sisters friend , she is 14 and has over 20 orgasms and she says to me, (I am the virgin remember) i can't believe you have not had a orgasm, and i just felt really stupid cause i am 18 and being talked down by this little person, but anyhow this is just a small ? that i have amoung the larger one , which is this one, She was sexually abused and is a sex addict ever since she started having sex at age 12, now i am wondering what kind of damage has been done to her emotionally , and what steps she has to take in order to stop having sex so much , she says she can not have a day with out it, and she was raped, My only reason i suspect that she is having this behavior is that she was subjected to a foren source and feeling to her genitals and now it is familiar to her, Because most girls her age are still scared of boys and ect. well thanks for you time, I am hoping you can shed a little light on this cituation , i have truly bonded with her and i am trying to help her as best i can , i am her only role model, thanks very much, and I look forward to hear from you soon, LOve
Dr. Lin:11/17/1999>
I accept her claims. It all depends on the availability of testosterone and enzyme 5-alpha reductase in the G-spot/Epicenter tissue. Burning of testosterone by 5-alpha reductase will make the G-spot/Epicenter become very itchy for orgasmic response. Libido and orgasm are somewhat different. Libido is a measure of testosterone level in the bloodstream in general situations. Orgasm requires an instant testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter, under which libido becomes extremely high.
A woman with high libido (testosterone level) may not experiences orgasm in lovemaking if her endocrine function can not produce a testosterone burst and burning, or if his penis is too soft to provide sufficient stimulation for her clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter.
To break the orgasmic barrier, it requires to burn a lot of testosterone to supercharge the orgasmic pacemaker in the Epicenter.
High-libido women may addict to sex and sexual orgasm, despite if she is sexually absued. Emotionally, she always look for sexual orgasm to release her sexual energy stored in the Orgasm Pacemaker. Without sexual orgasm, she will feel pelvic congestion, a very hot, weir feeling in the pelvic area.
Sexual orgasm is a supper glue for better or worse. We use sexual orgasm to bond loving couples' bodies and souls together, for better marriage life. However, it can be very addictive and destructive for the single.

"what steps she has to take in order to stop having sex so much"?
Her endocrine function over-produce testosterone (male hormone). It requires normalization of her testosterone production.
Change her diet. Don't let her eat cheese and red meat (highly hormone-polluted !) , and reduce her milk intake to 20-30%. Instead, encourage her to eat seeds, nuts, and soy products. Have her eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, which she may not like!
Birth Control Pill can slow her down too.

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