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Case Study: Solution for pains/cramps after ejaculation - the sexual orgasm problem!
Reader: 11/15/1999
I experience pain any time from 4 to 24 hours after I ejaculate. This pain is an anal-rectal pain. It seems to be just inside the anal sphincter but I am not sure. Could this pain be emanating from my prostate? I am 48 yrs old. I had a urologist examine the prostate said it felt normal. PSA test was good. I have been using Prep.H it seems to help a little. I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Thank you.
Dr. Lin:11/16/1999>

Generally speaking, this problem is a result of DHEA and testosterone deficiency in the contractile fibers and ligaments from the pubis to the tail bone.
This happens to middle agers who have experienced (started to experience) the middle life transition without slowering down sex life.
Usually, weak erection or middle-aged premature ejaculation will accompany with problem.
To combat this problem, you should take one of ViaPal-hGH series products to help you out, as listed in Item 3-009/010 in
With this formula, you won't feel sexual exhausted after ejaculation! Happy orgasm and ejaculation! No more pain or cramp in the low back, tail bone or grions, even legs and shoulders!
Have your doctor examine your rectum too to make sure no cancers or tumors inside there!

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