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Case Study: Male menopause, birth control pill, and sexaul orgasm
Reader: 11/3/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Overall, I would say that my girlfriend and I have an above-average lovemaking situation. However, I am concerned about just four things:
1. Sometimes when I masturbate, I feel the "pulsing" that normally occurs immediately before ejaculation. However, sometimes, I only feel one or two mild "pulses" and it almost feels like I had a "mini-orgasm". No semen comes out and I almost immediately lose my erection. I don't feel sexually fulfilled so I continue to masturbate to "gratify" myself but I become more and more flaccid. ONLY if I keep at it for a long time does my erection occur and THEN the amount of semen that comes out is quite high. What could be wrong with me?
2. My girlfriend sometimes jokes around after I ejaculate, saying something like "wow, a lot of stuff comes out of you!". I actually take that as a compliment. Seriously, she has told me several times that I "come" a lot, that a LOT of fluid comes out. Is this necessarily a good thing, or normal?
3. My girlfriend and I (on your advice) have "backed-off" a bit on our severe lovemaking sessions. Where in the past we made love 5-6 times a weekend we now only make love 3-4 times a week. However, she still usually has trouble achieving orgasm. I really "work" at it too! I arouse her with LOTS of carressing, oral sex, anal stimulation etc. She seems EXTREMElY aroused (lots of panting, sweating and pelvis thrusting) but sometimes she simply cannot come! I feel badly about this but she tells me it's not my fault. I might also add that she almost IMMEDIATELY becomes lubricated even after just some deep kissing so she seems to be easily aroused. Is it me or her? What is wrong?
4. Sometimes, even after I come (when my girlfriend and I are making love) I am somehow able to maintain an erection for almost 5-6 hours! Is this normal? When this happens, I cannot come no matter how much sexual stimulation I receive. Needless to say this is good for my girlfriend but sometimes she feels that she is "depriving" me of a good orgasm because, no matter what she does, after the initial "coming" I just can't come again. Any ideas on this "problem"? Thanks,
Dr. Lin:11/5/1999>
1. it seems this is a middle-age transition problem. How old are you?
2. If you save it for a long time, the ejaculation will be much more.
3. Is she on pill or any medication?
4. Theorectically, your endocrine system is up and down, depending on your eating, sleeping and mood (parasympathetic function). It is normal to have a long erection after ejaculation. Particularily, when ejaculation orgasm send pulses back to your brain to stimulate your pituitary.

Reader: 11/7/1999
1. it seems this is a middle-age transition problem. How old are you?
A: I'm 38 years old. I just noticed this problem within the last year. Before that, whenever I ejaculated it was "normal", that is, I would feel strong pulses and the ejaculate would come out right away.
2. If you save it for a long time, the ejaculation will be much more.
A: I suppose that is so. I will try to masturbate less!!
3. Is she on pill or any medication?
A: Yes, she is on birth-control pills (I don't know which type). It's funny that you mention that because, when we FIRST started seeing each other (about a year ago) she wasnt't on the pill at first and she seemed more orgasmic. About a month after starting to take it is when i noticed her difficulty. However, she has told me that when she was single she would sometimes go several WEEKS without and orgasm (she masturbated either with her fingers or used a vibrator). Could she have some kind of medical condition aside from the pill-taking? She is also under a LOT of stress at her job.
4. Theorectically, your endocrine system is up and down, depending on your eating, sleeping and mood (parasympathetic function). It is normal to have a long erection after ejaculation. Particularily, when ejaculation orgasm send pulses back to your brain to stimulate your pituitary.
A: Then I wonder why it doesn't happen all the time? Most of the times I lose my erection soon after ejaculating (which is normal, I suppose). The "prolonged" erections occur every 4th or 5th lovemaking session. I wish it happened more often! Maybe I need more sleep? I used to get about 6-8 hours a night but since my divorce I now get 4-6 hours. Should I try to get more sleep? Maybe she needs it too?
Dr. Lin:11/08/1999>
1. You need ViaGrowth-III/Fibra + Ginseng Power Max 4x.
2. You have a endocrine cycle that drives your hormone level up and down.
A Negative Feedback Controller (NFC) in your brain controls the endocrine cycle. If you over-ejaculate, the bioelectric level in the central nervous system (CNS) is too weak to power the endocrine function and the NFC goes to sleep.
If you don't ejaculate for a certain period of time, your body contains a testosterone level higher than a NFC threshold, and NFC kicks in to slow (shut) down your endocrine function. In either case, you will experience depression and anxiety.
That is why you men and women should use orgasm to regulate their endocrine function for better health and love.
The natural period of the endocrine cycle increases as aging. That means, as we age, it will take a long time to repower our body.
When we take tonic supplements to repower our body, we also have to elevate the NFC threshold and protect the liver function- the upstream of the endocrine system, so that the supplements won't produce negative effects in slowing down the endocrine function.
Both intercourse frequency and ejaculation volume can be increased by my formulas such as ViaGrowth-II, ViaGrowth-III, ViaGrowth-IV, Endura, or ViaPal-hGH packages, without worrying about sexual exhaustion.
3. The Birth Control Pill has dampened her endocrine function and the synthesis female hormone in the pill overloads (poisons) her liver function and deactivates her endocrine function as a result the NCF going off.
The birth control pill is a very effective chemical castration drug that masks the female endocrine function. It works very effectively and accordingly. The bill overkills the liver function, leading to the conversion of the testosterone to estrogen, and disables the adrenal and ovarian functions that are responsible for DHEA/testosterone production. The pill can legally destroy womens health and sex life (marriage too!), like Viagra can legally kill men. Nobody takes responsibility for the mess.
Her DHEA and testosterone levels may be too low to power her libido and her endocrine function can not produce a testosterone burst and burning to promote orgasmic response during sexual encounter. The excess estrogen in her bloodstream has thickened her vaginal lining that "protects" her G-spot nerve from stimulation.
Working stress is the feeling relative to the DHEA/testosterone level.
People with the high DHEA/testosterone level can carry more working stress, without elevating blood pressure.
To help her out, she needs Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV plus Ginseng Power Max 4x.

4. This is the middle and senior men's main problem.
You have to clock your endocrine cycle as described in Item 2.
After your 3-rd love session, your DHEA and testosterone becomes insufficient to supercharge your brain and endocrine function. So, in your 4-th and 5-th love session, your endocrine function cann't produce a continuous burst and burning of testosterone to support a long erection. In the Chinses Medical Concept, this is the deficiency of Kidney Yin Chi, which is translated as "weak adrenal and testicular functions" myself. That is why I have developed my formulas to solve this problem.
Sleeping depletion kills the Human Growth Hormone (hGH) production. hGH is one of the pituitary hormones. Without sufficient hGH, the adrenal cortexes (DHEA/testosterone/estrogen production) and testicles (testosterone production) ages very fast. I think you need L-Arginine, hGH release agent. Paragon and ViaGrowth-IV contain this ingredient.
Of course, both of you need more sleep. Powerful Sexual Orgasm can help the brain cool down and unload stress, to have a deep sleep.
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