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Case Study: How Birth Control Pill dampens health and sexual orgasm and how Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV works
Reader: 10/29/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
I was so excited to hear your knowledge about birth control pill and sex drive. I have been with my husband for five years and the first time we had sex I have a level 7 I think. We decided to us condoms for BC protection and then went to the BC pill. The condom was bad for him and the BC pill change the way I want sex. He then start to want more and I just didn't have it in me. Needless to say The sex just wasn't like it was in the beginning. I have now been off of it for 3 months and have completely changed. I never knew it was the BC pill until I read your web site.
Dr. Lin:11/5/1999>
Yes! We have done a lot of research on the effects of Birth Control pill and medication drugs on health and sexual responses.

The main problems of the pill are: Shrink the glans clitoris (and may help grow the clitoral hood to sink the glans, resulting in an invisible clitoral glans buried in a long, thick and large clitoral hood!) and thicken the vaginal lining that "Protects" or "Coats" the G-spot and Epicenter nerves, as a result of overloaded estrogen or/and insufficient testosterone! The thickened vaginal lining "insulates" the G-spot and Epicenter nerves from the penile stimulation during intercourse. The glans clitoris is the same as the glans penis, both of which must be feeded by testosterone, optimum estrogen, hGH and oxygen for preventing shrinkage! Generally speaking, the pill gives the female body excess estrogen and knocks out testosterone production, the most effective chemical castration. It should be prescribed to sexual offenders by the criminal court. Boy, we should let OB/GYN and doctors(male or female) take the birth control pill for months before prescribing it to women, so that they can understand the side effects of the pill on their bodies in the first hand. I bet they will have a very saggy clitoris or penis! (click here for the optimum love tools for sexual orgasm!)

The birth control pill affects womens body in two ways:
1. Overloading the liver with female hormones for converting more testosterone into estrogen to dampen the brain-adrenal-ovarian function.
2. Masking the endocrine function and triggering the brain's negative feedback controller of the endocrine function due to the overloading of the artificial hormones. The negative feedback controller shuts or slows down the dampened adrenal and ovarian functions. Thus, the women on the pill will experience the effects of DHEA and testosterone defficiency. Without sufficient testosterone to burn, the women will lose libido. Without a testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter, they can not achieve vaginal orgasm no matter how hard the sexual stimulation on the G-spot and clitoris is.
Your experience with the pill follows the same pattern as other women do.
That is why I have developed Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV to solve the problem.
Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV has to power up the liver and adrenal functions in the first place, but leave the ovarian function alone. It relinks the brain-liver/adrenal communication.
The ingredients of Heat Tea is converted to testosterone by the liver and adrenal functions to power the female body for health, libido and orgasmic responses. It will make the sexual nerves in the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter become extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation.
Please read the latest article on Heat Tea
(also the latest updated information in
/cases/case8638.htm; ViaGrowth-IV in/cases/case8889.htm
Heat Tea or ViaGrowth-IV bypasses the ovarian function so that it can work with birth control pill and other medication drugs.
It also helps the liver to expel excess estrogen out of the body, with Isoflavones (plant estrogen).

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