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Case Study: Testosterone/DHEA, Hormone Replacement Therapy, vaginal muscle strength, vaginal reduction and sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/18/1999>
Well.....I'm 35. Married with 3 kids between ages of 5 and 10. After 3 births, my pelvic floor has been weakened and my vagina is so wide I am considering surgery, for which I am currently seeking medical advice. I cant feel my husbands penis during sex. I have been doing kegel excersises since January. The intensity of my orgasms has increased, but it takes such a lond time to achieve; over 15 minutes through self stimulation. I have never had an orgasm during penetrative sex. My husbacnd has never given me an orgasm.
Any thoughts on the matter?
Dr. Lin:10/20/1999>(Updated 3/18/2000: The vaginal "size" can be narrowed down and the vaginal muscle can be strengthened and built up by ViaGrowth-IV plus Sexual ChiKong Intercourse . Are you a vaginal muscle builder? Yes, You can do it!)

Don't blame yourself!
It could be his erection problem. Middle agers have a common problem - weak erection resulting in premature ejaculation.
There is nothing wrong with your pelvic floor, except you may have to increase your DHEA and testosterone levels to strengthen up your pelvic floor. Without sufficient testosterone and DHEA in the bloodstream, Kegel exercise is still useless.

Reader: 10/21/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Thank you for such a speedy reply...I was very impressed. Your answer was very interesting. If I could just be a little more specific;
Since having children , I had a very busy time and went right off sex. Only when I sold my business and started to take care of my self and exercise, it started to increase my sex drive again. But when I had sex again, I could hardly feel the thrusting. My husband is very fit and has a hard erection. I know his technique could be improved etc, but I am worried about my own responces. Afterall, if I can make myself come in 5 mins, I stand more chance with him.Books tend to suggest most women should make themselves come in about 4 mins by clitoral stimulation
On my doctors advice , I started to do Kegel exersises. My PC muscles are much stronger, but I cannot open and close my vagina at all well. There is also some prolapse of the bladder and my uterus is quite low at times.
My orgasms (self induced) have become alot stronger, but take longer to achieve. Twenty minutes of intense manual friction. Over the past 2 months my libido has decreased again too.Also, since March, I had a contraceptive inter-uterine coil that has a low dose progesterone implant in it. Could the progesterone affect my orgasm? The doctors said no.
I want to have orgasms, but my desire and arousal rate seems low.
The first surgeon that I have seen commented that he could easily fit several penises inside my vagina. Also, when I do a shoulder stand,my vagina opens and 'swallows' air; a lot of air gets pushed out when I come back down and makes a rude noise!!
I generally feel there is a lack of sensation in the vaginal area. The perineum needs to be repaired...the birth caused a large tear that was not repaired at the time. I am worried that the surgery could cause a further drop in sensation. The first surgeon said he would leave the G-spot side untouched and just do repairs to the posterior side and perineum.

To sum up;
1) do you think the repairs may benefit/harm my sex- life?
2) do you thing the progesterone implant is affecting my desire or orgasm?
3)how can I increase testosterone & DHEA levels, and would a blood test confirm they are low?
4)How can I come quicker?

Thank you so much for replying in the first place. I am fascinated by your web pages. Regards,

Dr. Lin:10/27/1999>
Orgasm Timing depends on the mode and testosterone level during sexual encounter. It can be 2 minuts to 40 minutes.
Stress can use up the bioelectric energy stored in the parasymathetic nerves, resulting in depression, anxiety and sexual dysfunction. It slows down the endocrine function for less hGH, DHEA and testosterone production.
When you try to strenghthen your vagina muscle, you may forget one thing that the muscle needs DHEA and testosterone hormones. It is like the other muscle in the legs and hands. Body builders need DHEA and testosterones to feed the tissues and nerves. When your DHEA and testosterone run low, you will have a lossen vaginal muscle and weak uterine ligaments no matter how hard you do exercise. Naturally, your G-spot becomes less sensitive without sufficient testosterone to burn.
Childbirth can tax your endocrine system. Traditionally, we use tonic herbs with chicken soup to replenish new mom's body right after giving birth for about 1-2 months. This will help the uterus to shrink back to the orginal position, avoiding prolapsing. This is very critic for womens uterine prolasing. Women must restore the uterine position after delivering a baby. Failure to do so will result a severe uterine prolapsing after giving birth to the 2nd child. In addition, the tonic herbal chicken soup reactivates the slept endocrine system during pregnancy. In this way, Childbearing won't accelerate aging and uterine prolapsing. In the modern western society, pregnant women and new mom follow the Ob/Gyn instructions to take vitamins, but ignore the most important parts of the essential nutrients - plants and animal hormones or hormone-building agents to restore the endocrine function after childbirth..
The results: faster aging, weak vaginal muscle and uterine ligaments (causing cramps and pains in the pelvic, low abdome and low back area), and sexual dysfunction.
Progesterone (or Estrogen) Replacement Therapy can trigger a negatice feedback controller to decrease the brain-ovarian function, in paritcular, when your adrenal cortexes can not provide sufficient DHEA hormone for synthesizing testostereone, estrogen and progesterone. The negative feedback controller is a hormone sensing and controling circuit in the brain. When it detects the testosterone, estrogen or progesterone level over a threshold, it will slow or shut down the brain-ovarian (testicular) function. This is the side effect of hormone replacement therapy. To avoid the side effect, you can add a low dose of DHEA or androstenedione (testosterone precuror) plus a moderate/high dose of Isoflavones (plant estrogen) to the system, promote the liver, nervous and endocrine functions, and elevate the threshold of the negative feedback controller. This is how I formulate the Heat Tea (or ViaGrowth-IV) package, Item 3-001 ( or 1-005), as listed in
Your surgeon's comment is very humiliative to any women for his business gain.
If the vaginal reduction surgery cuts or damages the sexual nerves and leaves scars that can block the blood circulation to engorge your G-spot and Epicenter, you will lose your orgasm capacity forever. In most situations, the vaginal reduction surgery make the inelastic vaginal tube too narrow for an erected penis to fully penetrate without pain.
The inelastic, narrow vaginal tube is not flexible enough to accept an erected penis. You must allow your vaginal diameter to expand freely without causing pain, in order to accommodate the erected penis, in particular during the high-speed and high-presure thrusting which is used to trigger orgasm. Therefore, Vaginal Reduction Surgery usually causes penetration and intercourse pains. You may feel fracture pain during intercourse after surgery. There will be no orgasm when you experience intercourse pain. Note that the elasticity of the vaginal tissues is also associated with the testosterone level (and optimum estrogen for traping moisture and increasing the dilatability of the blood vessels and nervous fibers) in the local tissues. Vaginal bleeding during intercourse may be caused by a lack of estrogen or testosterone. DHEA plus Isoflavones (plant estrogen) can help the andrenal cortexs and ovaries to produce optimum estrogen and more testosterone. A lack of testsoterone and DHEA in the uterine muscles and ligaments will also cause PMS or intercourse/orgasmic pains or cramps in the low abdomen, low back and pelvic floor.
In fact, DHEA + extreme low-dose (5-15 mg) androstenedione + high-dose Isoflavones (soy extract) can produce more well-balanced hormones for women than any Hormone Replacement Therapies do.
Regarding the size of the sex tools, from my Finger Plier experiement, the vaginal orgasm does nothing with the penile and vaginal circumferences.
If my 0.5-inch-diameter finger can trigger Level-6 or -7 orgasm, the penile and vaginal circumferences play no role in womens orgasm. In particular, when we use the high-attack angle positions, as described in
and the 3-Point Excitation Position, as described in
A hard penis ( or finger) of 0.5"-diamenter can do a better job than a 2.0"-diameter one. Why? a skinny, hard penis can pinpoint the G-spot and Epicenter very preciously without causing intercourse pain, like my Finger plier Method does!
You should give your poor vagina a chance.
For your convenience, I am attaching my Finger Plier pictures to help you out.
To elevate your testsoterone, you need Heat Tea. Take Heat Tea for 3 days and ask your doctor to measure your testosterone level.
You should try the Finger Plier Method after taking Heat Tea for 3 days.
You should be able to learn your orgasmic response after 5-10 trials.
This method is the only way to rebuild loving couples' sexual confidence.
By the way, don't forget to power up your clitoris and G-spot before performing a high-thrust and -pressure stimulation, as shown in
One more hint: Perioically contracting your vaginal muscle to synchronize each love thrust, that is, use intercourse to strengthen your vaginal muscle and to tighten your vaginal orifice. For the result, you should practice the Tai-Chi Yang-Kong Breathing as described in
Any questions? E-mail me again.
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