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Case Study: Solutions for nauseous sexual orgasm.
Reader: 10/26/1999>
Sometimes when I orgasm I feel really nauseous for about 5 minutes afterward... do you know what causes this and how can I prevent it?
Dr. Lin:10/26/1999>
Your bioelectric energy in the parasympathetic nerve of the digestive system is insufficient. Sexual acts draws the bioelectric energy from the parasympathetic nerves all over the internal organs and converts it into sexual energy stored in the sympathetic, sexual nerves. When the bioelectric potential in the sympathetic sexual nerve of the autorhythmic fibers (Orgasmic Pacemaker) is elevated to - 40 mV, the Orgasmic Pacemaker is self-excited, which converts the resting Direct-Current (DC) potential into an action Alternative-Current (AC) voltage of 0.8 second in period to radiate the sexual energy as orgasmic waves out of the pelvic cavity.
In our body, certain organs are weaker than others, in term of the bioelectric energy stored. You should massage the low abdomen, grions and pubic areas where the Stomach and Spleen Vessels of the acupuncture network are interlinked with the Conception, Liver and Kidney Vessels. When the Kidney Chi (bioelectric energy) can not smoothly flow into the Stomach and/or Spleen Vessels via the Conception Vessel, your digestive organs will be weaker than other organs.
You can directly recharge your internal organs with ViaGrowth-II to solve your problem. ViaGrowth-II is formulated for charging the parasympathetic nervous division. When its ingredients DHEA and plant hormones feeds the bioelectric cells of your digestive organs, your parasymapthetic nerves in the these organs will get a jump and the organ muscles become more elastic and flexible to stand the orgasmic contraction. Of course, they will also power the erection or engorgement of your sex organs. You can take ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV (the most powerful one) too, which can charge both the parasymapthetic and sympathetic nervous divisions. We use ViaGrowth-III/IV to power the sex organs and kill the intercourse and orgasmic pains or cramps in the body for men and women.
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