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News updated:

Case Study: The erectile-drug User confirms Dr. Lin's liver and hormonal dynamics for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 10/25/1999>
Dr Linn,
I have corresponded with you in the past and have taken your products for some time now. They have definetely improved my situation by increasing my Libido. I still have to take Vi?gr? (trade mark name not allowed here) however but very much want to get back to where I was almost 4 years ago when I did'nt need the stuff! I have been plagued by erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. I am learning to deal with the premature ejacultion problem with your input. Thankyou!
I still suffer from erections that don't last long from time to time. Other times they're strong and there's no problem. This is very frustrating for me and my wife because it's very difficult for spontaneous love making. It also is emotionally difficult on both of us. V?ag?a (trade mark name not allowed here) works well for me most of the time but I hate being dependant on it. I also fear that it might have long term side affects such as stressing the liver and things not known yet.
Recenty I took a physical. I was found to be in excellent health except that my liver enzyme level(GGT) was 133. Normal is between 2 and 65! This has been the case for about 4 years now. Exactly how long I've been struggling with my problem! You have noted in your writings how vital proper liver function is to sexual function. The doctors don't know what is causing my increased levels other than that it might be that I take higher than normal doses of vitamins. Of course this is only higher I'm beginning to believe though that there might be some correlation? What do you think? Also, since you have come out with your new formulas I'm a bit confused on what I should be taking. I just submitted an order of Penisos, ViaPal-hGH, Esrovan, Kava Kava and Real DHEA. Any of your insights would be appreciated. > Sincerely,
Dr. Lin:10/25/1999>
1. Thank You for your re-order.
Since you are a long term customer, give you 20% off. This offer is good for all the products except Heat Tea
2. If you can restore the liver function, you will no longer need the erectile drug.
Your high enzyme level (GGT) causes at least three problems for you:
(A). Aromatazation - Converting testsosterone or testosterone precursors to estrogen.
(B). Inability of removing excess chemicals (including estrogen) out of the body.
(C). inability of helping the endocrine function to produce a testosterone burst and burning during sexual encounter, which requires sufficient HDL.
It seems your liver convert too much testosterone into estrogen for you!
To restore your liver function you need a lot of plant estrogen, animal liver extract, and B-12. For this reason, I am enclosing a bottle of ViaGrowth-II for you at no extra Charge.
ViaGrowth-II contains B-12 (200 mcg, 3336% of RDA), Plant Estrogen - Isoflavones (25 mg), and Soy Protein (100 mg), while PeniSOS includes Animal Liver extract (300 mg).
This will repower your liver function.
NOTE: Overdosing the liver with Vitamins, medication drugs or medicine, birth control pill, alochol, or smoking (via the lung) will screw up the liver function.
3. Our new formulas emphasize on the full spectrum of hormone release agents to repower the entire body rather than couple organs. This is because I have discovered how to tickle the hormonal negative feedback controller in the endocrine system - the brain (pituitary)-liver-andrenal-testicular (ovarian) axis.
The threshold of this negative feedback controller must be elevated when you want to promote the testosterone production beyound the existing level. If you don't do that, the endocrine function will be locked up, that is, the endocrine function will lose its ability to produce a testosterone burst and burning.
Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) may force the negative feedback controller to lock up the brain (pituitary)-liver-andrenal-testicular (ovarian) axis.
Birth Control Pill or Estrogen/Progesterone Replacement that may overload women's body with estrogen or progesterone will lock up the brain (pituitary)-liver-andrenal-ovarian axis. Once the endocrine axis is locked up, women will experience sexual or orgasmic dysfunction.
For this reason, I combine Paragon, Real DHEA, Estroven and Choline into a most advanced products called ViaGrowth-IV. ViaGrowth-IV is a balanced, full-power spectrum hormone releaser, including L-Lysine to tickle the immune system and Choline and L-Arginine (human Growth Hormone, hGH, agent) to generate more Nitric Oxide (NO) to lower blood pressure (during SEX), dilate arteries for more erection. It will become avaible in 12/1999-1/2000. With this product, you will no longer need Paragon, Real DHEA, and Estroven which you have ordered. NO is the major chemical produced by the erectile drug to help relax the penile arteris for erection. The erectile drug does not help the body produce hGH, DHEA and testosterone, balance the estrogen level, and promote the liver function while ViaGrowth-IV have all of them, plus the NO generator.
Our study has reached the final frontier of hormonal dynamics and Sexual Orgasm.

Reader: 10/27/1999>
Dear Dr. Linn. Perhaps you didn't get my last e-mail back to you! Thanks again for throwing in a free bottle of Viagrowth II and for the information below. I do have a few more questions if you don't mind. My sexual dysfunction problems seemed to start around the time that my liver enzyme count went up (3 to 4 years ago). You state that a healthy liver is key to proper sexual function! I don't drink to excess, take any drugs other than the erectile drug, and can't think of anything that would cause my GGT count to be 133 (normal is between 2 and 65). I really don't know if this level is dangerously high or not? But I do know that it does not seem coincidental that my problem started when it went up! Questions therefore:
1. Do I need to take any other supplements other than your formulas such as a multi-vitamin and extra C? Currently I take a multi-vit twice a day, coQ-10 3x daily, 4 grams of vit-C daily, and extra doses of Ginko, Ginseng, Muara Pauna, Kava Kava, . I also cycle Tribilus and Arginine a week on and a week off. Do you think I'm taxing my liver?
2. I work out at the gym and take over a 100grams of whey protein daily throughout the day. Should I mix in some soy based protein and can too much protein become toxic to the liver?
3. How should I cycle and take your products based on my condition? 4. last question.... I'm 45 years old... how many times a week is it safe for me to ejaculate, masturbation included.
Your new Viagrowth IV formula sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to using it when it's available! Please let me know when it's out! Thanks again for your patience with my questions. This is very important for me to get resolved and you're the only Dr. that has been of any real help. Your formulas and information has improved my sexual performance very much!!!!!!!! Sincerely,
Dr. Lin:10/27/1999>
Sorry for being late!
The liver function is very critical for sexual performance.
The liver is a chemical factory which transform one chemical to another.
The aged liver will convert testosterone into estrogen.
The liver is the upstream organ that drives the testicular function for sperm and testosterone production.
It is the factory that helps fire up 5-alpha reducatase to burn testosterone into power aactuating penile erection and clitoral/G-spot engorgment.
Plant estrogen (Isoflavones), Soy protein or Lecithins, phosphatidylserine, choline, B-12, L-Lysine, and L-Ornithine can promote the liver function, or elevate the bioelectric energy in the liver's parasympathetic nerve.
PeniSOS contains animal liver extract for the same purpose.
Paragon contains B-12, phosphatidylserine and L-Ornithine; Estroven includes 25-mg Isoflavones.
Our New Product ViaGrowth-IV (to be released in 12/1999 -1/2000) contains all the ingredients for powering the liver function.

1. I don't think you need extra Vitamins, except B-12 (200-500 mcg), E (200 IU), and C (500-1000 mg).
CoQ-10 is a good supplement. You may overload your body with multiple Vitamins.
You can take Tribilus and Arginine every day with low doses. Low dosage can produce better results than overdosage. In this way, you can avoid overdosing your liver system.
Paragon contains 250-mg L-Arginine and 500-mg Tribulus in 4 tables. Taking 2 tablets of Paragon a day with 2 tablets of ViaGrowth-III will produce better results than taking 4 tablets of Paragon a day as suggested by the manufacturer. Why? In one serving, ViaGrowth-III contains 20-mg DHEA, 15-mg androstenedione, 25-mg Isoflavones, 20-mg zinc, 500-mcg selenium, 300-mg Tribulus, 1555-mg plant hormones and 140-mg animal glandular extract (adrenal glands, heart, testicles, prostate, liver), that supports the nervous, pituitary, liver, heart, adrenal, prostate and testicular functions.
2. You can reduce whey protein to 50 grams a day but increase to 50 grams of soy protein.
You won't mix up your liver with soy protein.
3. You can take my products according to what I suggest in the instruction handout.
You can vary the dosage day by day. For example, 1 Paragon + 2 ViaGrowth-III, or 2 Paragon + 1 VaiGrowth-III, or 1 Paragon + 1 ViaGrowth-III, and then 1 day break.
4. You can ejaculate 2-3 times a week.
(Updated 3/18/2000: ViaPal-hGH-D has everything the seniors and middle agers need for rejuvenation. Its for women too!)

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