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Case Study: Over-maturbation and the Lockup of endocrine function by Hormone Replacement Therapy for premature ejcaulation and no sexual orgasm!
Reader: 10/21/1999>
Dear Dr.
I have a lasting problem of premature ejeculation due to over masturbation.
It has been happenned to me about 10 years.
>From about 5 years I am in treatment with a doctor but in spite it has decreased, it continues. I received oral pills treatment and injections with hormonal treatment. I am 33.
The most important problem is about when I am sleeping that I have erections that when I wake up from time to time also I have ejaculations. But ejaculations have decreased in frequency as the treatment I am receiving have some effect.
I suppose a long time to solve this problem but
I would like to receive some indications. Thanks a lot.
Dr. Lin 10/24/1999>
Do you have a hard erection?

Reader: 10/25/1999>
Dear Dr,
It depends, but in general is medium to hard.
It depends of the pills I have. If I take strong pills, it is weaker. But I try to get used to not take such pills, in continuous way.
Also as I do exercise, like swimming, it is weaker. But I do not feel a lasting positive response.
Thanks for your help.
Dr. Lin:10/25/1999>
In our endocrine system, there is a negative feedback control loop in the brain-testicular (ovarian) function.
When the hypothamalus/pituitary detects the level of testosterone (men) or estrogen (women) over a threshold, the entire endocrine function will slow down, losing its capacity to produce a testosterone burst and burning to contineously support the erection or engorgement of sex tools (the penis, clitors, G-spot and vagina).
Obviously, your hormone (testosterone) replacement therapy overloads your liver and the endocrine system, so that the negative feedback controller kicks in to disable your endocrine function. To prevent this happen, you should elevate the threshold of the negative feedback controller. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) will lock up the endocrine function when you overdose your body. ViaPal-hGH-D or -P can help you to elevate the threshold of the negative feedback controller in your brain and unlock your endocrine system. Please check Item 3-012/010 in
Women get the similar result as men do, in particular, with birth control pill and HRT.
When your body can not produce sufficient Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and DHEA to support the flexibilty and elasticity of your muscles and ligaments, exercise will give you a lot of pains and cramps. Particularily, your heart needs more hGH (and by-product Nitride Oxide, NO, to dilate the arteris) and DHEA to strengthen its muscle to pump out more blood for exercise. Overloading the heart muscle with testosterone, wthout sufficient hGH, NO, and DHEA, will exhaust the heart, resulting in heart attack. Generally speaking, overloading the body with excess testosterone will hyperactivate the sympathetic nervous function - resulting in hypertension, impatience, anxiety, premature ejaculation, and the lockup of the endocrine function, resulting in depression.
Your Premature Ejaculation results from two extremes: initial testosterone overloading to hyperactivate the prostate ejaculation control nerve (over-elevating sympathetic, sexual nerve); and inablilty to hold an erection, without a testosterone burst and burning due to the lockup of the endocrine function.
ViaPal-hGH-P includes very thing you need to power your nervous, cardiovasicular, liver and endocrine functions.
Once you have a stable hard erection, you should practice Sexual ChiKong Breathing to train yourself the ejaculation control.
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