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Case Study: Never too old to enjoy more sexual orgasm with Dr.Lin's Sexual ChiKong Practice
Reader: 10/18/1999>
Dr. Lin, I am beginning to reread your CD book again, it is so full of precious knowledge to satisfy couples. I thank you again for it. I am happy to report that I have found a woman for a relationship from the Internet and she is willing to help me practice the techniques in your book. We are going to meet for the first time in two weeks. I haven't had sex with a woman in ten years! We are both 50 years old. Her libido is very high and doesn't have any problem getting her sacred space wet and masturbates a few times everyday. Every morning I have an erection and it is at 1 o'clock position, like a teenager and I always masturbate at that time. And I contract my anal and prostate muscles in order to have an injaculation not ejaculation and in emergency I use million dollar point. I know you do not recommend that but I've been using it for three years now with no problem although now with your book I am trying to control the orgasm with breathing and muscles only and no finger press. However, when my lady and I meet we will probably want to have sex three times a day. Can you recommend some herbs for a tune-up so I can stay hard for her three times a day? I know you have herbs on your web site and mention them in your book but could you just email me a list of what to order from you? Also do you have a product that makes the pussy taste good like a fruity taste, maybe that is combined with an oil for lubrication. It would be a good product so that the man could lubricate his lady's pussy plus make her delicious to taste for oral sex. One other question, my lady like me to talk erotic to her while we have phone sex and so do I but I find it difficult to hold the phone, talk and listen to each other and visualize each other plus control my breathing and muscle contractions all at the same time! It is going to be much easier when she is here. I think I am answering my own question that phone sex is just plain difficult because your missing the physical element. When we are physically together I think it would be best to share erotic talk in the foreplay and then during the sex act to only verbalize the natural sounds coming from the vocal cords of moans and groins and screams. Do you have any light to shed on this?
Thank you for all your help
Dr. Lin:10/19/1999>
ViaPal-hGH-P and Androbolic can do the tricks, items 3-010 and 2-009 in
Take ViaPal-hGH-P daily as described in my instruction handout. (Updated 3/19/2000:ViaPal-hGH-D is an upgraded version of ViaPal-hGH-P)
Start to take 1 table of Androbolic one day before meeting her, and 2 tablet 2 -3 hours before having sex with her.
Androbolic is a slow release formula.
1. If you have a hard erection, don't contract the prostate; instead, apply a pressure to the bladder to relax your prostate and digitally contract your tail bone muscle.
2. Let you serve her first, stroke her clitoral shaft and glans like you masturbate your penis.
Image the clitoral shaft as a shrunk penis. Don't forget massage a tiny triggle spot between the urethral orifice and the glans clitoris.
3. If you want more erection power, ask her massage your scrotum while you works on your penile base, groins and pubis.
4. Use my Finger Pliers method to massage her clitoris and G-spot/Epicenter at the same time. Yes, you can reach her Epicenter with your finger pliers. Rotate your finger pliers like a screw when you move it in and out of her vagina. You should rotate your finger pliers to alternatively stimulate the right and left of her G-spot, between the 11-1 o'clock position.
Use this method, she will come like a volcano eruption. Give her a taste of Dr. Lin's sexual trick.
5. After her first orgasm, you can use your penis to do whatever you want.
She will come again and again.
Finally, my best regards to both of you - Enjoy each other and have more funs.

* Hints: 1. If you have a hard erection, don't contract the prostate; instead, apply a pressure against the bladder to relax your prostate and digitally contract your tail bone muscle.*
Dr. Lin,
i ordered the products you recommended $200 and understood all the hints except 1. i guess i have a problem with identifying which muscles i am contracting because they are in side of me. what i do is like the dr. kegal exercise when i am urinating i contract muscles and the urine flow stops. that's what i thought i should do right before i feel an orgasm coming is tighten all muscles down in the butt. I know for sure my anus is tightening and my urethra channel must be tightening as well because I am able to stop urine flow. by tailbone muscle do you mean anus? How do you apply a pressure against the bladder to relax your prostate and digitally contract your tail bone muscle? I have a hard time visualizing this and I'm not sure how to know I'm doing it and I am confused about this part. is there hope for me?
Dr. Lin: 10/20/1999>
Thank you for your order.
You are one of a few men understanding how to correctly contract the tail bone muscle by constricting the butts against the anus and tail bone.
The graph in Chapter 6, Serect-e.jpg shows how to exert a light pressure onto the bladder.
Inhaling with expanding the abdomen, or the so-called belly breathing, will load a pressure on the bladder, and at the same time, you will feel the prostate muscle between the scrotum and anus relaxing. Relaxing this prostate muscle will eliminate sexual and ejaculation urgencies to prolong intercourse. I use this practice to kill my sexual urgency when I watch porn movies. To destructively interfere with the sexual stimulation imposing on the penile shaft and glans in sexual encounter, which propagates along the urethral tract to the prostate, you have to contract the tail bone muscle between the anus and the tail bone. When you squeeze your butts against the sacral and coccygeal nerves in the tail bone, You send a sequence of powerful bioelectric pulses into the spinal cord to over-ride the sexual stimulation signal in your Central Nervous System.
When you apply a light pressure to your bladder and then lightly contract the tail bone muscle, you will feel that there is a bioelectric flow channeling into your tail bone muscle and running upto your brain along the spinal cord. This simple procedure is called "returning semen to the brain." You can do it anytime once your low body is relaxed.
(Note: This graph is in Section 6-1)
Men usually make a mistake by exerting the pressure and contracting the muscles too hard.
If you do so, you will feel dizzy after practicing couple rounds.

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