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Case Study: Warning: High-level sexual orgasm can destroy pregnancy!
Reader: 10/17/1999>
I lost my baby by cord strangulation at 35 weeks. I was wondering if orgasm could have made the baby move around too much, thus getting wrapped up in the cord. I did self and with my husband orgasm. If you have any medical evidence that this might have happened, please send information. Thanks.
Dr. Lin:10/18/1999>
The unborn baby moves a lot inside the uterus after 4-5 month conception.
Level-6 and -7 orgasms are too powerful because the major trigger point is the Epicenter, located between the cervix and the bladder, not the G-spot. The uterus is likely to ejaculate fluid (female ejaculation) for women under age 40 or when the estrogen level is still high. I have issued the warning in
High-level orgasms with female ejaculation can destroy conception of any stages. Our experiences show that the high-level orgasms can black out the central nervous system, resulting in numbing the entire body for 3-5 minutes. For women with low levels of DHEA and testosterone hormones in the contractile muscles of the pelvic cavity, they will experience severe orgasmic pains and cramps lasting for 2-3 hours or even one or two days.
In the early stage of pregnancy, a high-level orgasm may cause bleeding. In the late stage of pregnancy, it produces a sequence of powerful contraction force directly pounding on the little life. If you experiences orgasmic waves pounding you head and heart, you should be able to image how rough the little baby in the quake center will experience. The baby will attempt to move or rotate any directions in order to mitigate the orgasmic compressible waves. Remember that the uterus is the orgasmic wave generator.
Low-level orgasms triggered by the clitoral and G-spot nerves are considered less dangerous, even they induce mild uterine contraction. Clitoral orgasm, inducing the shallow contraction around the clitoral base/footing and vaginal orifice, seems harmless since it won't cause uterine contraction. Loving couples can still enjoy low-level orgasms (Levels 1 or 2) without endangering the pregnancy.
You must Know:
Stimulation of the Epicenter will force the pituitary to secret a very large amount of orgasmic hormone Oxytocin that, in turn, stimulates heavy uterine contraction - Childbirth labor, or Level-6 or -7 orgasms. Breast suction also stimulates the pituitary to produce oxytocin to contract the breasts for releasing milk, and sometimes induces uterine contraction - orgasm as well.
Oxytocin is a hormone that induces muscular contraction. Its receptors are mainly distributed in the Epicenter, cervix, uterine, breast, prostate, and tailbone (minor) tissues.

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