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Case Study: Sexual ChiKong, Ejaculation Frequency, and Penile Enlargement for more sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/15/1999>
Dear Dr Lin
I have been using the sexual chikong breathing and my orgasm has been amazing. It feels like the room is turning but I can not seem to deturmine which way. But it's great thanks.
1.a) I would like to know what the max ejaculation frequency (by masterbating) is with out draining sexual potencial or harming future sex life? Taking into concideration that I have masterbated from a young age and do alote of exercise.
b) And would this frequency change if, when I masterbate using chikong breathing I some times silp and come a lite (not the full load) but it is enough to satisfy me, in stead of coming the full load as in previous ocations. Will I be able to come more frequently if I do this than if I came normally. how often?
2. Is it bad to try to hold back when it feels like you going to come.
3.I can't seem to balloon my penis properly. It does not stay ballooned for long (only if I hold presure in the base and footing) and when I stimulate myself by jerking or stroking it loses presure.
Dr. Lin:10/16/1999>
1. It depends on age, exercise and sexual potential.
There is a natural ejaculation frequency that balances the testosterone level in the body. Too much testosterone and enzyme 5-alpha reductase will produce too much dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the pelvic area. The result is called Pelvic Congestion which produces pains and cramps in the pelvic area and low body. It also increase the chance of heart attack for the senior men. Too much testosterone in the body will activate the Negative Feedback Loop of the hypothalamus/Pituitary-testicular function to slow down the endocrine function.
Over-Masturbation or Over-Ejaculation will fully discharge the bioelectric energy in the Central Nervous System (CNS) that control the he hypothalamus/Pituitary-testicular function. When the CNS bioelectric level is too, the endocrine function will slow down.
To live longer, we have to know how to twist our endocrine function and regulate our ejaculation frequency.

The suggested ejaculation frequency due to masturbation is:
1. 5-6 times per week for teenagers of age 16-19.
2. 3-4 times per week for young men of age 20-25.
3. 2-3 times per week for young men of age 25-30.
4. 1-2 times per week for men of age 30-45,
5. no more than 1 times after age of 45.

If intercourse can produce a powerful male orgasm to stimulate the pituitary function, the suggested ejaculation frequency can be :
1. 6-7 times per week for teenagers of age 16-19.
2. 5-6 times per week for young men of age 20-25.
3. 4-5 times per week for young men of age 25-30.
4. 3-4 times per week for men of age 30-45,
5. 1-3 times per week for men of age 45-60,
6. no more than once after age of 60.

The natural ejaculation frequency is a rhythmic cycle of the endocrine function, but it is adjustable with the dietary intake and exercise.
Tonic foods and herbs full of plant and animal hormones or hormone release agents can increase the hormone levels leading to increasing the ejaculation frequency.
Exercise has its positive and negative effects on the hormone production.
In general, if exercise consumes more testosterone than the body can produce, exercise will harm sex. When you do exercise very frequently, you need sufficient hormone release agents from tonic foods to help your hormone production. In this way, exercise will stimulate endocrine function for more hormone production. For teenagers and young men younger than 25, exercise will deactivate the Negative Feedback Loop for more human growth hormone (hGH) production. It is always positive.
Violent Exercise will consume a lot of testosterone. For people passing the growth season after age 20-25, the pituitary function will naturally slow down, violent exercise will consume too much testosterone without activating hGH production, resting in the penile or vaginal shrinking.

ChiKong Breathing is to reduce the sympathetic function during sexual actives. It will build up the sexual energy to produce a powerful orgasm to stimulate the pituitary via the spinal cord, but at the same time help the prostate's parasympathetic sexual nerve to tight down the ejaculation valve in reduce ejaculation volume. The powerful sexual orgasm is generated by the contractile muscles from the prostate to the tail bone, not the prostate muscle along.

2. No, it will help you accumulate sexual energy in each hold back to balloon your penis to an extreme. Once your penis is ballooned to a semi-numb stage, let it go to have a powerful orgasm so that the orgasmic waves become powerful enough to pass through the periodic structure of the spinal cord and reach your pituitary. In this way, the ejaculation orgasm will help you do the Natural Penile Enlargement and stimulate the endocrine system to produce more hGH and testosterone. But, you have to hold ejaculation back several times during sex.  I always apply this practice to intercourse and become more energetic after orgasming.

3. You have replenish your body with tonic foods and my dietary supplements to help your endocrine function to produce a testosterone burst and burning to supercharge your parasympathetic, sexual nerve, the actuator and holder of the penile erection. The bioelectric level in your parasympathetic, sexual nerve is too low to actuate your erection. In the Chinese Medical concept, your Kidney Chi is too low, or your adrenal function is too weak to produce sufficient DHEA for your testosterone burst and burning during sexual stimulation. This is a result of over-masturbation in your adolescence.
A low dosage of ViaGrowth-III with Ginssneg will re-activate your system. You have to build up an erection power in your entire pelvic cavity, not only in your prostate area.
In this way, you can perform Natural Penile Enlargement with Sexual Chikong Breathing. /cases/case7648.htm

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