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Case Study: Causes and solutions of unknown low-abdomen pains and cramps - no hysterectomy! associated with sexual orgasm!
Reader: 10/9/1999>
I will be having a hysterectomy the first of the year.
the doctor said they would leave my ovaries if they could.
The reason I am have this done is I have pain that they have been unable to control or get rid of. I told my husband of the surgery and he went off on me, saying I will be half of a woman I will be all scarred up. when I explained it was probably going to be done vaginally., it got worse. He said oh great you will be all stretched out and you won't want sex anymore. What do you want to do that to me for. He doesn't seem to care I have been in so much pain. Please can you give me some information that I can show him that will reassure him I won't be half a woman.
Dr. Lin:10/12/1999>
1. There is a great chance (about 90%) that Hysterectomy may destroy your love life. When the uterus is removed, you will lose the orgasmic pacemaker and generating mechanism. If only the cervix is removed, you may get sex life improved. as stated in
That is the 10% chance as listed in
You should try other methods to solve your problem before getting the surgery. Hysterectomy will destroy the nerves and blood circulation to the uterus and vagina, responsible for your sexual and orgasmic responses.

2. You did not tell me what causes the pain. Or your OB/GYN does not know what cause the pain! Our experiences show that when an OB/GYN does not know what cause the pain, it is a result of the stress in the weak uterine ligaments when the uterus is moving. Note: The uterus is very dynamic and changes its position in response to your hormone level, sexual stimulation and exercise. This is very common for women after 30-35, when the Human Growth Hormone, DHEA and testosterone productions slow down. The uterine muscles and ligaments becomes inflexible and inelastic. The nerves inside the tensed muscles and ligaments respond to the uterine movements or contraction with spasmic pains or cramps. In fact, the uterus is moving or slightly contracting all the time in response to your activities and/or your hormone change, even when you are sleeping. It is very common that the spasmic pains or cramps wake you up in the middle of the night.
The pains or cramps become more sever in the High-temperature Period (Luteal Phase) of the menstrual cycle as defined in
In our experiments, One or two tablets of ViaGrowth-III a day can solve this problem. The reason is that this product stimulates the body to produce HGH, DHEA and testosterone to increase the strength of the uterine muscles and ligaments. It also help the body to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) concentration to relax the muscles and ligaments. Any products, such as ViaGrowth-II, -III, and -IV (a new product derived from a thousand-year old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula), which can boost the hGH, DHEA and Testosterone levels (naturally, the NO level as well) in the bloodstream, will solve your problem. 

NOTE: One tablet of ViaGrowth-IV (to be available after 12/1999) a day is sufficient for you.
ViaGrowth-III or IV is listed in
One more example as described in
shows a Yale doctor use the hGH releaser called L-arginine (as of 3/20/2000, ViaGrowth-IV contains much more than that!) help patients solve the bladder muscle spasms and pains. 

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