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Case Study: Eating/drinking, Hormones, Exercise, Penile or G-spot Enlargement, and Sexual Orgasm
Reader: 10/11/1999>
Thanks for responding to my lst question. While waiting for your response I have toured your site extensively I must say good job in the extensiveness and vastness of your site and all the subjects it covers. Reading some of the case studies I noticed one young man who complained of penile and scrotal srinkage during expercise, and you relating the problem to the body needing extra hgh and deha, and testosterone. I too have noticed similar problems do to my extensive and intense workout regimein. I know there are hgh and DEHA on the market for supplementation, testosterone on the other hand can only be supplemanted through steroids which are illegal. It does make sense that these additional supplemants would combined with a well balnced diet notonly aid in the physical enhancement of the body but, also aid in the size increase/maintance of the genitals. However, one of the side effects of steroids is what is called "nut shrinkage" which goes against everything that should be by suppling the body with what it needs so it doesn't have to sacrifice its own production. Why is this so? Also being that hgh as popular as it is why hasn't genital size increase been listed as one of the positve effects along with the muscle enhancement effects? I mean really who would not want both? As always I thirst for knowledge in bettering myself, and appreciste the help and guidance of individuals such as yourself in obtaing this information.
Dr. Lin:10/11/1999>
What we eat and drink every day consists of a lot of good stuffs to make hormones. If you eat too much good stuffs in one time, you will get indigestion, diarrhea, poor bowel movement, sore mouth or throat, bitter mouth in the morning, and etc. What this means to you? "More" is not Better. "More" results in chemical unbalance. The same principle is applicable to taking hormone precursors or hormones themselves. In fact, we get a lot of different hormones and hormone-building substances from foods, plant or animal, too.  Animal sex organs contains a lot of testosterone and DHEA because the tissues in sex organs (including human's) have a lot of hormonal receptors that trap hormones for libido and sexual response, and  animal adrenal glands have a lot of DHEA building substances. Plant hormones can prevent the binding of testosterone and its by-product DHT  in the prostate tissue and keep the sex organ healthy.  More or less, Natural foods, except red meat and milk heavily polluted by the artificial growth hormones (different from hGH), contains more balanced (referring to our body chemistry) and less concentrated chemicals than those from the biochemically processed products or natural extract concentrated.
To achieve a special therapeutic effect or faster action, you need well-balanced, concentrated chemicals that power your entire body and elevates all the organ functions at the same time.  Otherwise, you will experience side effects from chemical unbalance - one organ gets the most benefit at the expense of other organs.  The erectile drug and herbs have this problem. My formulas won't have any side effect. You may wonder why! 

Biochemical processes enable us to purify or isolate a special chemical from others. In this way, we can study its effect vs. dosage. Thus, I can emulate the old Chinese medicine without using animal glands or parts. Note that the result of this study is ViaGrowth-IV which emulate the thousand-year-old Chinese Emperor/Empress formula, to be available soon.
Hence, the key for a dietary supplement to benefit our health is its ability to give the body a well-balanced nutrients without burning out the liver and turning on the brain's hormonal negative controller. When the liver is overloaded by a special chemical, it gets poisoned and becomes deactivated (or quit!). Then, the chemical produces side effects. If the liver is very efficient to decompose the chemicals, there won't be side effects. Thus, you have to promote the liver function to eliminate the side effects of drugs. I always keep this basic principle in formulating my herbal and dietary products.
Similarly, when the endocrine system is externally over-loaded by too much hormones or hormone precursors, the hypothalamus and pituitary will get a negative feedback signal from each manufacturing organs to shut down or slow down the endocrine organ function. So, when we take advantage of the biochemical steroids for their fast action, we have to figure out their upper limits which produce no negative effects to the body. The upper limits can be elevated by promoting the function of each organ by special herbs and vitamins. For examples, the liver function can be powered up by B12, plant estrogen, animal liver extract, choline and so on, and the pituitary function can be powered up by the animal pituitary extract, B-6, L-arginine, L-lysine and other amino acid.
what I mean is you have to take care of all the organs in your body, not only one targeted organ.
If you overdose your body with these good stuffs, your endocrine system will shut or slow down. Once the endocrine system is deactivated, it won't produce enzymes that burns hormones into power and to charge the nervous system. If you overload your body with hGH or testosterone injection, your pituitary function will be slow down and your endocrine system won't produce a testosterone burst and burning to support your erection. If you eat too much hormone-polluted red meat or drink too much hormone-polluted milk, you will end up impotence (or frigid for women). If you take steroids, you must have herbs to enhance your endocrine functions to elevate the upper threshold of the negative feedback loop, so that the steroids can be burned into power. Otherwise, when the endocrine function is too weak, hormone injection will become useless and sometimes produce negative effects, such as stimulation of tumor and cancer developments. The endocrine system must produce sufficient enzymes to fully utilize the steroid supplements. Particularly, during sexual encounter, the endocrine system must be able to produce testosterone burst and burning to actuate erection and hold the erection long enough to satisfy your partner. In fact, my formulas are to promote the endocrine function in the first place, so that the upper threshold of the negative feedback controller in each organ become doubled or tripled, depending on age. In this way, we can take all the advantage of those good stuffs to elevate the hormone level in the bloodstream without alerting the master controllers, hypothalamus and pituitary. The formulas can simultaneously promote the liver, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous functions to create a powerful erection as described in
To achieve that erection level, the formula must be well-balanced without producing any side effect. In our testing, we find it can lower blood pressures as well. That is, it switches the body function from the sympathetic mode to the parasympathetic mode that preserves energy and promotes growth (grow the penis and G-spot!), restoration (muscular function) and healing.
Therefore, we can reverse the body age back for 10-20 years younger than the calendar age, without side effects.
To reverse the age (shrinkage) of sex organs, you have make sure they get enough hormones. To feed the tissues and neurons of sex organs you must have a good blood circulation in the perineum area and sex organs themselves and a high level of hGH, DHEA and testosterone in the bloodstream. You must have no blood congestion down there and should let sex organs (Penis, Clitoris and G-spot) erect or engorge several times a day. To achieve the best result is to massage the sex organs by hands/fingers or intercourse (screwing technique). Engorging the sex organs twice a day, each time lasting for 20-30 minutes, will be sufficient to let the cells and neurons to get enough hormones, but the system must provide sufficient testosterone and DHEA in the bloodstream!.
Most people ignore the blood circulation in the perineum area. No matter how much hormones you add to your body or your endocrine system produces, if you can not let the cells and neurons in your sex organ get enough hormones, your sex organ will shrink even if you have a high hGH, DHEA and testosterone level in your bloodstream! That is why I invented the Natural Penile Enlargement Method which requires Sexual Chikong or Anal Breathing Methods to eliminate ejaculation if possible. This is the most difficult practice in the western society which encourages men to ejaculate as much as you want. If the hormones are fully consumed by multiple ejaculations in a love or masturbation session, you can only expect penile shrinking and pointing to a 3-5 o'clock position.
By the way, there is a section in the book " Grow Young with HGH" by Dr. Ronald Klatz, PP. 129, describing patients experience the penile and clitoral enlargements due to increasing the hGH level. However, it never mentions how the patients get the enlargement. In our experiments with ViaGrowth products, we have found that the erection power can elongate the penis upto 140%, and the G-spot/Clitoral engorgement can be doubled or tripled in size, as listed in
To help our customers to get a good result, we have developed two special methods - the Penile Ballooning and Finger Pliers Methods to help men and women out. These methods have been verified many readers as listed in

When you do exercise, you have to be very careful in figuring out your hormone budget if you don't take a well-balanced products like ViaGrowth series. Exercise can naturally induce hGH release and therefore increase testosterone and DHEA secretion. This is true for young people upto age 20-25. After the growth season, the pituitary function gradually slows down. In addition, exhausted exercise will force the muscles and ligaments to request more hGH, testosterone and DHEA for muscular restoration, healing and recovery than the endocrine system can produces. The result is "Grow the muscle but sh
rink the penis." Particularly, people old than 30 have to combine a moderate exercise and the spectrum hormone releasers to increase testosterone, DHEA and hGH levels with a balanced estrogen level. Without spectrum hormone releasers, even moderate exercises, sometimes, may cause sex organ shrinkage as well, depending the efficiency of the endocrine function. When you are sexually exhausted, don't expect any exercises can restore your endocrine function. That is why I formulate ViaGrowth-II, -III and -IV to give a sleeping endocrine system a jump start. The products take action on the nervous, liver, endocrine and cardiovascular systems at the same time. Once the system is jumped, you can start moderate exercise to enhance the effectiveness of the supplements. My formulas will switch the mood and mind to increase your willing of doing exercise. It is a combination of mind and body actions.
You can justify if you overdo exercise in this way: You should get energized in 1-2 hours after exercise.
The formulas take advantage of all the ingredients available in the markets to produce synergy effects for the nervous, liver, endocrine and cardiovascular functions without overloading the body with a high dose of any components. In this way, the formulas please all the internal organs to cooperate each other to work for you! This is why I call my formulas the "Full Spectrum Hormone Releasers."

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