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Case Study: Long-term stimulation numbs G-spot for no sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/8/1999>
Hi I am a 18 year old I am currently dating a 20 year old.We have been together for a year now and have been making love for at least 3 months now. I cant seem to reach an orgasm and we have tried everything.We have tried Kama Sutra and other types of positions.It's not working.I fell more pleasure by him giving me oral than by having his penis inside of me.I can feel it at the beggining but towards the end of the love session I cant feel him anymore. I get more pleasure at times by myself then i do wiht him.Is there something wromg with me?What position can we use to help me achive an orgasm?Is there anything you can help me with? Please help! Thanks
Dr. Lin:10/10/1999>
Your G-spot/Epicenter nerves become numbed after a long-term, slow stimulation (Kama Sutra) since bioelectricity in the sexual nerves becomes fully discharged. You must avoid this to happen. If you want to have hourly stimulation on the G-spot/Epicenter, your body must be able to continuously pump out testosterone and DHEA to keep the sexual nerves recharged. One way to help your body to keep it up for hourly sex is to take ViaGrowth-III or IV, one hour before sex.
Otherwise, you need a simultaneous stimulation on your G-spot and Clitoris with a high speed thrust (150 thrusts per minute) and a high pressure stimulation of about 6 pounds per square-inch. You should perform this heavy-duty task when his penis become expanded (about 120-140% of the original erection) and extremely hard. After he passes his erection peak as his parasympathetic sexual nerve runs out of bioenergy, the penis become soft and you feel nothing inside you. 

It is the Timing and Technical problems. This usually happens after a 40 minute love thrusting.
You should periodically contract your vaginal muscle to synchronize the love thrust for accelerating your sexual response.
The tips are given in

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