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Case Study: Dr.Lin's Sexual Chikong let him experience sexual orgasm induced by Tailbone-muscle contraction without semen ejaculation and prostate contraction!
Reader: 10/8/1999>
Hello Dr. Lin,
Lately I have been experimenting with your power up techniques. I believe I have successfully power my penis up with the proper breathing and contraction of my tail bone. One thing has been though. Sometimes when I contract my muscle near the tail bone, I get this very strange sensation. First, a clear oderless liquid seems to leak out of my anal. At this time, I get a very cool sensation in my whole genital area. I have never had this feeling before. Is my prostate causing this? It usually leads to a wonderful orgasm. Also, I'm curious about what to do once I power up my penis with your breathing exercises. Once I'm powered up, should I still be contracting my muscles or should I just relax at this point? Furthermore when is the best time to delay ejaculation once I feel ready to cum. Should I wait right before the point-of-no-return or should I try to bring my arousal down well before ejaculation?
Any help would be much appreciated!
Dr. Lin:10/10/1999>
1. No-ejaculation Orgasm due to Sexual ChiKong Practice:
You have experienced orgasm without ejaculating semen due to contraction of tailbone muscle.
The fluid is your ejaculation from your anus/rectum resulting from the tailbone muscle contraction.
This is not the prostate's contraction or semen-ejaculation orgasm.
You have achieved what few senior Budism monks can achieve.
This is what I advise for women with full Hysterectomy.
This is a completely different type of orgasms.
When you sent all of your sexual energy back to your brain via the spinal cord, you experienced the cool sensation in the genital area. You can instantly regenerate more energy with ViaGrowth-III or a new product ViaGrowth-IV..
Note: Anal sex can stimulate the tailbone muscle to contract too.

2. Continue to massage the groins, pubis, penile base and footing with sexual chikong practice, until your sexual urgency diminishes. Your orgasm without ejaculation channels the sexual energy from the prostate back to the brain via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the Acupuncture Network. This is what the Shao-lin temple's monks internal KungFu and Taoists "Returning Semen to renourish the brain" are all about. It can help you to enlarge your penis, and also help you hold a powerful erection for 1-2 hours during intercourse when the glans penis taps sexual energy from the Epicenter (the Orgasmic Pacemaker and the female energy center. )
3. Delay ejaculation before the point-of-no-return. Repeat Item 2. It can help solve the weak erection and premature ejaculation problems.

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