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Case Study: How to power up the penis, last longer and resonate her sexual orgasm!
Reader: 10/8/1999>
Dr. Lin,
1.In your writtings, you say that the male trigger zone would not be stimulated with the 3-point ecitation. But when I do it with my wife, I can only last for a few minutes before ejaculating. This usually happens when the speed of her rocking is incresed. What should I do?
2.Another question, when I feel that I'm gonna come, I should stop the thrusting and wait for a minute, right? But, will this actually lower/reduce the build-up power in her to reach an orgasm? does it mean that if I stop for a few times, then it would take us a long time to get her an orgasm. Or, could it be that her power would not be reduced but stored, until a critical point for her to explode, although I stop for a few times.
3.Next, when you talk about the Sexual chikong to control ejeculation, do you mean that I should breath through my nose and make my bladder hard (the part where my pubic hair starts)?
4.Does anal breathing mean contracting the anus, which also moves the penis? I think this actually helps the male to reach orgasm faster. Am I right?
5.Can you recommend the type of positions from the soft drive to hard drive to the resonant orgasm. I'm kinda confused which one to use or which one should come first to achive the best result.
Dr. Lin:10/9/1999>
1. Before you power up your penis to block the nervous transmission along the urethral tract from the trigger zone to the prostate, she should rock at a low thrust speed at a rate of 75 thrusts per minute (heat beat). Your penis must be powered up first before any heavy stimulation!  When she rocks at 150 thrusts per minute (twice the heart beat) you must contract your tail bone muscle to channel out the sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain via the spinal cord (Water Pathway) and the Governing Vessel (Fire Pathway). Her high-speed thrusts will elevate the sexual energy in the prostate very quickly via the urethral nervous as shown in
If you use other high-attack angle love positions to power up the penis as shown in
The major stimulation is on the power-up nerves in the superior side of the penile shaft as marked in green dots in
The trick to power up the penis is to stimulate the power-up nerves rather than the urethral sensory nerve, marked in a green circle around the urethra.
When the hydraulic blood pressure in the penile cylinders is built up, it will compress the nervous fibers and interrupt the nervous signal transmission. Eventually, the penis become numbed.
The best time to use the 3-point Excitation Position is when the penis is semi-numbed so that the penis can still further expand during her high-speed thrusting. I usually give my wife multiple orgasms without ejaculation in this way.
The penis reaches its extremely maximum size (140% of the natural erection) when it is about to ejaculate. Most of the time, she will achieve orgasm when my penis expands to 120-130% of the natural erection. That is, she achieves her multiple orgasms (upto 20-30 cycles) before I ejaculate.
My experiences: After 5 minutes of her orgasm, I pulled out and took a measure. My penis is about 2" longer than my natural erection in the beginning of intercourse. My penis is numbed.
It will usually take me 5-10 minutes for the penis to restore its sensitivity and then I make her come 2nd times with a powerful ejaculation orgasm which sends a sequence of orgasmic waves back to my brain/pituitary via my tail bone and spinal cord. After ejaculation, I feel very energetic.
2. Yes, You must stop and follow the Penile Power-up Method as described in Section 6.3 The Secret of Powering up the Penis for Multiple, Sexual Orgasms.
You must power your penis to 120-130% to trigger her orgasm. Once she gets that kind of stimulation and start to break her orgasmic barrier, her body starts to shake, her voices or moaning become vibratory, her neck/head straighten upward, her back bends backward, and her breathing becomes extremely heavy at a rate of 75 breathings per minute to synchronize her uterine contraction.
3. Yes! Put a little pressure against the bladder and contract the tailbone muscle as described in Section 6.1 The Secret of Ejaculation Control for Men.
4. No, You contract the wrong muscle. What you contracted is the so-called PC muscle - the muscle between the anus and scrotum. The tail bone muscle is located between the anus and tail bone, as illustrated in /chap6/Serect-e.jpg. Two of the examples of how to contract this muscle during intercourse are shown in pictorial files, /chap6/apulse.jpg and /chap5/analtrn.jpg. It can be practiced in any love positions.
Most men make the same mistake in contracting the PC muscle, rather than the tailbone muscle. In my Sexual ChiKong Intercourse, the woman have to contract the PC (vaginal) muscle to accelerate her orgasmic response, while the man must contract the tail bone muscle to channel the sexual energy into the tail bone from the prostate in order to delay his sexual response.
5. In Section 2.11 Love Positions for Developing the Female Sexual Energy and Resonant Orgasms, I have listed all the practical positions for the Soft-drive, Hard-drive and Orgasmic stages.
Appendix A gives you more love positions as follows:
1. Lick the clitoris and massage the vagina I
2. Lick the clitoris and massage the vagina II
3. HorseRider Stance I
4. HorseRider Stance II
5. High Impact I
6. High Impact II
7. High Impact III (A Big Bird Soars Over a Dark Ocean: TAO-26)
8. High Impact IV
9. In the Field For Fun
10. On the Beach For Fun
11. Outdoor Fun (The Wild Horse Leaps : TAO-18)
12. Double-Body Motion I
13 A Phoenix Frolis at Cinnabar Hole (TAO-25)
14. The Horse's Shaking Hooves (TAO-20)
15. Double-Body Motion II (The White Tiger Springing: TAO-21)
16 High-Speed 3-point Excitation (I)
17 High-Speed 3-point Excitation (II)
18 Female Wall Squat for Coitus Alignment Technique (CAT)
19 Alternat 3-point Excitation Methods (low speed stimulation)

Generally speaking, in the Soft-drive stage, you should do it with a slow speed and low-stimulation pressure, while in the Hard-drive stage, you must perform at a very high speed (2.5 thrusts per second) and pressure (4-6 pounds per square-inch) on her G-spot and Epicenter. Her sexual energy will be trapped in her Epiecenter. In the Orgasmic stage, add the high speed and pressure stimulation to her clitoris to turn one her Energy Gate (Earth Gate, that is CV-2) to allow her sexual energy to couple into her Conception Vessel as shown in
during the uterine contraction.
When she is extremely horny, her uterine contraction may become powerful enough to "break" the Earth Gate (fore the Earth Gate to open) for her sexual energy running up to her forehead and heart, with out much stimulation on her clitoris.
However, most women require a simultaneous stimulation on the clitoris and the G-spot/Epicenter during the Orgasmic stage. I have concluded my theory with my experiments with my Finger Pliers Method when I fell in love with my first girl friend in 1972.

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