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Case Study: Over-Masturbation and Smoking Pot for sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/3/1999>
I am twenty years old. I started masterbating at age five. My experience with girls was very limited with girls in high school. I would usually just fantasize about the pretty girls when I masturbated because I didn't know how to talk to women. When I was younger, often I would ejaculate without a real erection. However, later I could get strong, hard erections while masturbating. My freshman year in college i only fooled around with two girls and then sophomore year i had a girlfriend. In the beginning of the relationship I realized i couldnt get an erection anymore because i smoked marijuana too often. After a while of not smoking i could get enough of an erection for her to masturbate me, an even later, i could have sex with her, but often losing my erection during sex. Often, it would take a while of her teasing and rubbing my penis to get an erection. i know part of my problem was psychological because i was nervous and thought about it. i physically could get an erection eventually, however, it often would take a while. and i never could last long, though. sometimes i would ejaculate before i was hard. sometimes i would lose the erection during sex.
i think this would have something to do with ejaculating so often without an erection. we are broken up now and i started smoking pot again, but have stopped. now, when i masturbate i still dont get a hard erection. i feel myself being sexually only occasionally in certain situations (near someone i am attracted to, watching a sexy movie, etc.), but i do not get full erections.
i masturbate too often now because i am trying to make myself hard. sometimes on accident i ejaculate without being hard. On the whole, i have become indifferent to sex. partly because of lack of drive and partly because it is embarrassing to not get an erection when you are only twenty. my lack of drive bothers me greatly because i feel a lack of purpose, rather than my friends who love having sex with their girlfriends and hooking up at the bars. i hope i did not hit you with too much information, but i would like advice that might help and some recommendations of supplement i could take to improve my physical and mental sexual health. thank you for any advic you could offer.
Dr. Lin:10/8/1999>
You have 3 problems:
1. You are sexually exhausted due to over-masturbation.
2. You have trained your prostate nerve to ejaculate as soon as possible.
3. Pot has numbed your central nervous system, - lowered your bioelectric level in the nervous, to deactivate your endocrine system and killed the Acetylcholine action!.

My suggestions:
1. Restore your nervous and endocrine system with a low dosage of ViaGrowth-III and Ginseng Power Max 4x, as listed in.
2. You must get more physical exercise to quite your masturbation and smoking pot habits; you must spend 1 or 2 hours in exercise every day.
3. Practice Anal Breathing to learn how to channel your sexual energy from your prostate back to your brain.

Don't ruin your life again. You are Young and still have a lot of opportunities to straighten your life. Give yourself a chance!

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