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Case Study: Birth Control Pill (medication), Aging, and Mechanism of sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/1/1999>
Here is my problem. I can only reach orgasm through oral stimulation, and then, I rarely reach orgasm. Other than that I have never been able to reach an orgasm. Most of the time I have to fake it to please my partner. Also, after about 20 minutes of lovemaking...it becomes painful for whatever reason. Can you explain what my problem is and how I may be able to fix it?
Dr. Lin:10/7/1999>
are you on birth control pill?

Reader: 10/7/1999>
Yes...I am taking the birth control pill Ortho?tri?-cyclen (trade marked name not allowed here). Does age also have anything to do with it?
Dr. Lin:10/8/1999>
Generally speaking, birth control pill thickens the vaginal lining which covers (protects) the G-spot and Epicenter nerves. Aging thins the vaginal lining and shortens the vagina. Pill also musk the ovarian function in producing sexual hormones, testosterone and estrogen, can overload the liver to promote the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion which is called aromatasation, and deactivate the adrenal function to produce less DHEA and testosterone. Finally, without sufficient testosterone to burn for charging the Central Nervous System (CNS) that commands the entire endocrine system, and its Autonomous Nervous System that powers the engorgement and orgasmic contraction of sex organs during sexual encounter, your G-spot and Epicenter nerves becomes insensitive or numbed. With a thicker vaginal lining and numbed G-spot/Epicenter nerves, you won't get a chance for vaginal orgasm. Overall, your endocrine function can not produce a continuous burst and burning of testosterone to supercharge your sexual sensory and motoring nerves.
Birth control pill doesn't affect the clitoral orgasm that much, depending on how deep the clitoral nervous terminal is. Aging can reduce the sensitivity of the nerves in the clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter due to the reduction of testosterone secretion, but the thinner vaginal lining and the shortening vagina makes the G-spot and Epicenter more accessible for sexual stimulation.
For this reason, the best time for women to enjoy powerful sexual orgasms is around age 30-45 when their bodies still have sufficient testosterone to drive their sexual orgasm, sometimes with female ejaculation, and their vaginal lining become much thinner than that in their youth and teenage years.
Around 20-25, women should gradually increase their experience in vaginal orgasm after their estrogen level start to ebb.
After menopause, women can achieve orgasm very easily with less testosterone in the bloodstream due to the thinned vaginal lining, but may frequently experience intercourse and orgasmic pains and cramps due to a lack of testosterone, DHEA and Estrogen in the ligaments and muscles in the pelvic cavity.

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