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Case Study: How to use sexual orgasm to repower your nervous and endocrine functions!
Reader: 10/3/1999>
does ejaculating make you physically tired or is this a mental thing? it seems when i masturbate, the next day i am sluggish. is this normal, or am i only expecting to be sluggish when really the ejacualting isn't doing anything to my body?
Dr. Lin:10/5/1999>
If ejaculation can send the orgasmic energy back to your central nervous system and pituitary via your energy water pathway - the spinal cord. You central nervous system will get an instant recharge by orgasm to command your pituitary and the other endocrine organs to produce more DHEA and testosterone. So, you won't feel tired or exhausted.
The problem is the orgasmic wave energy has to pass through the periodical structure of the spinal cord which produces resonant (Bragg's) reflection of the orgasmic wave train. That is, only a small amount of orgasmic wave energy can reach the brain. To repower the brain function upon ejaculation, you have to accumulate a lot of sexual energy before orgasm.
I feel more erection and more energy in the next morning after lovemaking with ejaculation and orgasm in the night.
Lovemaking and masturbation for me is a completely different story.
In lovemaking, I extract sexual energy from my partner's Epicenter to power my penis to an maximum size under which I feel my penis is about to explode and numbed or semi-numbed. That is, the sexual energy stored in my prostate and penis is maximum. When orgasm occurs, contraction of the prostate muscle sends a power orgasmic wave back to my brain to stimulate my central nervous system and endocrine organs - the pituitary, adrenal cortexes and testicles. After ejaculation, my penis returns from a power-up state to the natural erection state; then, after 10 minutes, the my penis gradually return to the flaccid state. Then, we feel more energetic. Generally, I have a morning lovemaking with ejaculation orgasm in the weekend. After lovemaking, I work in my yard without taking a nap and feeling exhausted or tired. This is because my endocrine system has been re-powered by my ejaculation orgasm.
I can not do that with masturbation. Masturbation makes me feel tired and exhausted in the next morning too.
I won't masturbate unless I experience the pelvic congestion due to over-accumulation of the by-product of testosterone burning - the super-potent hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the perineum (prostate) area.
That is why I want men to know how to optimize masturbation frequency, and the ejaculation frequency in lovemaking.

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