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Case Study: To prevent penile or G-spot shrinking due to exercise, take ViaGrowth-III or -IV for more sexual orgasm
Reader: 10/1/1999>
I have spent maney hours reading your exellent site and have learnt alote. I do however have a problem and I would really appreciate your advise.Thank you for replying to my previous question so soon.
I'm very active sports wise and train relativly hard (squash ,shaolin and gym work ,I do at lest one of them each day.) my problem is that when I start to exercise my genitals shrink, my penis becomes with drawen hard and dehydrated. (As if I had an Ice bath) The same happens with my testicals, they move into my body and my scrotum becomes very tight pushing my testicals up.They will remain like that for the duration of exercise and will return to normal after about 30min to an hour after exercising.
This is not my main concern, but the more serious promlem starts when I train hard and push my self the problem agrovates (mostly when running or playing squash, seldom during gym) when this happens , my genitals (in the state mensioned above) agrovate. My testical(s) move right up into my body and my foreskin pulls back, as my genital area is very tight.
It starts gradually, my left testical starts "bouncing" up sucking into me causing great discomfort and pain (the pain is nusiating dull, both in my testicals and stomach, the same sensation as if being hit in the balls " I'm sure we can all relate" the pain gradually becomes more intence as my testicals move higher and stay sucked into me for longer) If it gets really bad I have had to push them down myself (both testicals move up but the left is worse) The pain stops when my testicals drop down (once I have stopped exercising) and become more relaxed.
"A little bit about me " I'm 19 and not sexualy active. I materbate quite oftetn (most days and from about 11 years mabe earlier) especially before I read your site but now about once every 5 days (trying to cut down) I don't think I have a strong orgasim and my erection could be harder. I take 50gm of zinc, vitamin C and a multi vitamin and green tea daily .I tend to get dizzy/ lite headed and some times I find light to be very bright. I eat quite health and don't drink or smoke.
I would really apricate you helping me and from your site I'm sure you would be the best bet.
Thank you so much.
You should become more public cause some people can talk a load of .... (try the 'OPERA' show)
Dr. Lin:10/3/1999>
Both exercise and lovemaking require a burst of DHEA and testosterone production from adrenal and testicular functions, consuming a lot of hGH, DHEA, testosterone, and estrogen. You must supply sufficient hormone-building materials for the endocrine system to secure the adrenal and testicular functions.
Explanation of your symptoms:
Penile shrinking and dehydrating upon exercising - All the hormones - hGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen are drawn away from the penis to the muscles, ligaments and cartilages to support the local cells and nerves to prevent pains and cramps.
The scrotum and testicles being tightened to the body upon exercise - The testicles are lifted up to get more hormone-building substance and oxygen supplies from the locally dilated arteries to burst the testicular function for more testosterone to burning in the tissues and nerves in order to support exercise. The similar situation happens with a cool bathing of the scrotum and testicles.
It starts gradually, my left testical starts "bouncing" up sucking into me causing great discomfort and pain.....The pain stops when my testicals drop down (once I have stopped exercising) and become more relaxed." - When your muscles stop burning testosterone, your testicles returns to normal.
1. If possible, Do the exercise in the morning about 5-7 AM when your hGH, DHEA and testosterone levels reach their peaks.
2. Massage the groins, pubis, scrotum and testicles 10-30 minutes before exercising to elevate your testosterone level.
3. Take dietary supplements such as ViaGrowth-III or ViaGrowth-IV (new product to be released soon), 1-2 hours before exercising, so that your testicular function can get sufficient hormone-building substances.
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