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Blood congestion in the perineum can cause over-masturbation and prostate problems - solutions
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Over-masturbation, penile/leg/groin pain, prostagladines, and sexual orgasm.
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Case Study: Biking, blood congestion, the effects of hormone deficiency, and how to benefit from Sexual Orgasm.
Reader: 9/26/1999>
I have a male friend (who I am not sleeping with as yet) who says that after a day bike-riding (he used to be a triathlete), he can't get an erection for the rest of the day. He doesn't seem terribly concerned by it, but I have a strong sense that this is really a pretty bad thing. What is happening? Is the circulation to his penis being damaged? What should he do?
Dr. Lin: 9/27/1999.
Long-term biking with a narrow seat block the perineum blood circulation to the penis, numb the local nerves in the prostate, and use up his testosterone, DHEA and testosterone. Biking on a narrow seat loads the 70% body weight on the prostate/perineum muscle. This is the worst situation for the perineum blood circulation.
Without a good blood circulation to supply DHEA, testosterone and hGH to the tissues and neurons, the nerves in the perineum go to sleep. Image you sleep with your head loading on your elbow. Within 1 hour, your hand and fingers become numbed.
Exhausted exercises are very sympathetic. They are very effectively to consume the bioelectrity in the Central Nervous System and its parasympathetic division which serves as the bioelectric battery. When the bioelectric level in his nervous system is too low, the Central Nervous System fails to command the pituitary and endocrine system to produce testosterone/DHEA burst for charging the parasympathetic sexual nerve for the erection. Therefore, there is insufficient bioelectric energy in the parasympathetic sexual nerve to actuate the erection.
In this regard, you should take ViaPal-hGH-P or new package ViaPal-hGH-D to give him a jump.
With ViaPal-hGH-P / -D, the more exercise he has, the more sexual power he will get.

Reader: 9/28/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin,
Thank you for your most informative explanation! I am forwarding it on to my friend. At the very least, it should inspire him to get a better seat for his bicycle!
I have a couple of questions for you myself:
I am fairly new to sexual activity in general, and I've noticed that when I get close to an orgasm, my entire body gets extremely tense. This makes sense to some degree, because there is a lot of pent-up energy within me.
However, this tension REALLY affects my neck and shoulders, as well as my adductor and obdurator muscles in my inner thighs. All of this tension, in turn, affects the alignment of my spine. This could not be healthy--otherwise I think folks would have sex a lot less often!
I think part of the problem is psychological, and that I'm having trouble relaxing into the sensations (I was molested as a young child, and I am still in the process of dealing with that). However, I wonder how much of it is physical as well. It's getting better, but for the longest time, I didn't feel like the energy was moving up out of my pelvic area at all. Now, I can at least get it as far as my heart. Could this be due to blockages in my Conception Vessel?
Please tell me what you think...
One other important thing I forgot to tell you: I am nearly recuperated from an illness that kept me pretty debilitated for the last 5 years. The illness itself severely disrupted my endocrine system, and to treat it I have been getting chelation treatment for heavy metal toxicity. This treatment is ALSO disrupting my endocrine system. This endocrine disruption MUST have some effect on my ability to get aroused and achieve orgasm, yes?
I also know that my Ch'i is not yet comparable to that of a person in good health. Would it be wise to be careful with regards to sex and orgasm to ensure that I do not deplete myself further? Is there a way to USE orgasm to increase the level of Ch'i in my body?
Thanks for your help...
I also am compelled to ask you how you and your wife's families withstood the earthquake(s) in Taiwan. Is everyone okay? You have provided so much great advice to so many people, and I wonder how many in turn think to ask you about yourself. :)
Take care,
Dr. Lin: 9/30/1999>
Your pre-orgasmic tension indicates your muscles and ligaments are inflexible or inelastic. If this is a psychological cause, you can focus your mind and periodical contract your vaginal muscle to overcome it.
The possible causes of this problem are:
1. poor blood circulation, or/and
2. testosterone and DHEA deficiency.
This can cause pain or cramps in your body parts in your daily life.
Since you have endocrine disorder due to illness and its treatment, your DHEA and testosterone levels are in the low sides. You may experience difficult to accumulate sexual energy in the pelvic area, as well.
Your orgasmic wave energy becomes insufficient to pass through the periodic structure of the sternum and run upto forehead to stimulate your pituitary. This is similar to the scattering of the male orgasmic wave by the periodic structure of the spinal cord. This Phenomenon is called "Bragg's Scattering" in Quantum Mechanics. It is like an ocean wave train scattered by a periodic bottom, such as sand bars, or X-ray scattered by a crystal. If the orgasmic wave can reach your heart, it will strengthen your heart. Of course, you may not have a chance to experience a full-body orgasm which repower your endocrine system. It seems you need Heat Tea (Item 3-001) to help you out, as listed in
We have developed this package not only for sexual orgasm, but also for renourishment of muscles and ligaments to increase their flexibility and elasticity. You need DHEA, testosterone and other plant hormones to recharge your bioelectricity in the parasympathetic nervous division, which is "Yin Chi" flowing in the Yin Vessels in the front body. The Conception Vessel is the sea of all the Yin Vessels.
Thank you very much for your concern on our families and friends in Taiwan. They all are OK. If the structural construction follows the Taiwanese or Japanese anti-earthquake building code, there wouldn't have structural damage except those built on the fault zones. The earthquake center is about 50 miles away from my parents' 70-year-old house which experienced two biggest (above 7.0) earthquakes and more than 300 violent hurricanes in the history. On the fault zones, the earthquakes have produced a lot of new mountains and new creeks. No structure can survive under this situation. One of my brothers living near my parents, his family has to tent in an open area because his 3-story building is too shaky to live, about 100 shocks per hour! All my in-laws are living near the Taipei area which about 150 miles away from the quake center. Their high towers are a little rough, but still livable!
I get 30-40 e-mails a day. I have been encouraged by so many readers, including you.
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