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Case Study: Strengthening your uterine muscles and ligaments and reducing the vaginal size for more sexual orgasm (s).
Reader: 9/28/1999>
I have only been with one man and we have been having sex for 6yrs now,In the begining I never had an Orgasm but maybe a year or so later I started to experence them I have them almost all the time now,but it is only one i never have more then one.After my Orgasm we have to stop for a few seconds because i am so sensative it hurts.Now my question is how do i get more then one and not be so sensative after the first one....
I don't know if this is because my vaginal muscle is starting to age!
Dr. Lin: 9/29/1999>
Your orgasmic capacity is a result of estrogen ebb which thins out the vaginal lining protecting your G-spot and Epicenter nerves. And, your G-spot/Epicenter tissues have a lot of testosterone receptors that trap sufficient testosterone to fuel your orgasm.   
The testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in your bloodstream is in favor of your orgasm.
You are a lucky lady, whose body function follows the natural course.
Testosterone is the fuel for the orgasmic fire; estrogen is the water. Too much water will extinguish the fire. In fact, too much estrogen will make the vaginal lining become too thick to expose the G-spot and Epicenter nerves for sexual stimulation. That is why Birth Control Pill can induce sexual dysfunction. Medication drugs, alcohol, smoking, and birth control pill will deactivate the liver, resulting in promoting the testosterone-to-estrogen conversion to elevate the estrogen level in the bloodstream.
Your orgasmic, sensitive pain is a result of hormone deficiency in the ligaments supporting the uterine contraction during orgasm, as described in
Without sufficient DHEA and testosterone hormones in their tissues, the ligaments lose their elasticity and flexibility.
This can result from
1). A slight decline of DHEA and testosterone secretion in the high-temperature period (Luteal Phase) of your menstrual cycle, as shown in
2). blood congestion in the low abdomen, low back and groins due to a long sitting in your daily job, that block the hormone supply to the ligaments.
For Cause 1, you need Heat Tea or ViaPal-hGH-D to help you out.
For Cause 2, You need a deep massage in your low abdomen, pubis, groin and low back, as described in
If you don't like the deep massage approach, Heat Tea or ViaPal-hGH-D can resolve Cause 2, but will also increase your sexual response for multiple orgasms. You will want a lot of orgasms.
The best solutions are:
1. Ask your man to give you a deep massage for 10-20 minutes before sex.
2. Have Heat Tea to increase your DHEA and testosterone level, so that you have more sexual power to experience multiple orgasms.

In addition, there is another possible cause - the aging of  your vaginal muscle and uterine ligaments. It can happen to women older than 30, after having 2 or 3 kids.  If you are over 40 or feel vaginal loosening, you can take ViaPal-hGH-D to strengthen your vaginal muscle and uterine ligaments/muscle, and increase the vaginal tightness (reduction of the size resulting from the protrusion of the urethral spongy tissues into the vagina)  This will resolve intercourse/orgasmic pains/cramps resulting from the uterine prolapsing or tipping. When the G-spot/Epicenter urethral spongy tissues are popped out like a upside-down ridge, you and he will feel a great gripping force from the vaginal muscle. As a result, the actual vagina size become narrowed naturally. You will have no more pains or cramps during intercourse or after orgasm. 
ViaPal-hGH-D (containing ViaGrowth-IV, new product/ package to be released soon) and Sexual ChiKong Intercourse are our dirty tricks to keep my wife vagina/orifice as tight as a virgin's and to retain my penile erectile power after we have passed our midlife. We have discovered the Oldest Chinese Emperor and Empress's secret in rejuvenate the sex organs from the 5000-year old Chinese Sexual Bible called Suu-Nui Ching (the sexual bible of the Plain Girl) ! 

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