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Case Study: How to re-match your libido for saving marriage and having more sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/24/1999>
My husband has a very low labido. He is only "in the mood " once or twice a month. I want sex all the time I would like it every night but I will not be unfaithful yet I am extremely sexually frustrated!!! What can I do?
Dr. Lin: 9/25/1999>
ViaPal-hGH-D or -X will double or triple his libido and his erection.
Please check item 3-009 or 3-012 in /mail/herbform.htm
It seems both of you are in the middle age. This is a libido mismatch that causes marriage crisis for the middle agers and seniors.
Here is my solution for both of you to rematch each other again.
My job is to help loving couples to save marriage.
When you are sexually "overheated", ask him to use my Finger Pliers Method to trigger your orgasm and then let him continue your orgasm with this penis without his ejaculation.
Please open the pictorial files to show both of you how to use my Finger Pliers Method which is also detailed in
The Finger Pliers can give you multiple orgasm whenever and wherever you want. When your orgasm is continued by his penis, you will feel his penis give you the full orgasm.
Be sure not to force him to ejaculate. This practice is not only to give you more orgasms, but also to stimulate his endocrine system for a hard erection in the following days.

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