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Case Study: Old Customer wants to restore his 1-o'clock erection for sexual orgasm.
Reader: 9/21/1999>
hello doc
i hope you got my order viagrowth I and via growth III,,paragon,,
doc i seened on your web a pic of your penis,,
and how is your penis is pointing streight up..with your testicles very tight to your penis very close,,dont hang ,,you got no sack.
my penis is between 2 to 3 oclack,,i think its my test pulling it down ,,and my penis sorta heavy ,,my penis size is only and i say only 5 1/2 inches. when i lay down it points to 1 oclack.. my testicles hang down sometimes,,sometimes they shrink together very close to my penis,,that makes my penis small.i know im younger than you and your penis points stright up,,,how?
sexuall chi kong how do i know if its working cause im not involved with anyone ,,nor sexually active,,,
doc do you think my premature ejaculation is due also to my not being sexually active too much,,i get excited when im with a female that i ejaculate too fast,,
look foward to my order and hope to hear from you soon thanx
Dr. Lin: 9/24/1999>
Your order was sent two days ago. Thank you for your long-term business with us. We give old customers either gifts or discount on every US$100.00 order.
Boy! You are a dirty young man, peeking my fully-powered-up or naturally erected penis in
It has taken me a lot of sexual kungfu exercises (tail-bone muscle exercise) and right nutrients (plant hormones and other hormone-building substances) to retain the erection power. In fact, Chapter 6, Appendix-D (A.2) The Low Abdomen Exercise For Better Sex, Section 5.7's lovemaking picture "altrn.jpg", Section 4.1 and Section 4.3's lovemaking picture "2motionb.jpg" teach you how to exercise the tail-bone muscle.
The sexual kungfu training is like a martial art one. In the martial art, we can train the coordination of the visual stimulation and the hands/legs reflection. In the sexual art, we can train the prostate nerve to control ejaculation as well. Masturbation trains the prostate nerve to ejaculate as soon as possible!
As long as you can use my Sexual ChiKong Breathing to relax your prostate muscle to hold ejaculation back, your natural erection penile (erected without hand jobs, masturbation or oral sex) will be expanded from 5.5" to more than 7.5" by my Penile Ballooning Method to burn a lot of testosterone in the prostate area. When the prostate area is burning testosterone into bioelectric power to actuate the penis and into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to expand the tissues and neurons in the prostate muscle and penile shaft, the scrotum will be lifted up in tightening the testicles. The scrotum becomes a very elastic bag, not a loosened sag, resulting from the hormone burning! The perineum and tail-bone muscles become very hot! Then, compressing the tail-bone muscle will send it power surge into the spinal cord to stimulate the pituitary, the master of the endocrine system, for more hormone production.
When you was young, you had an 1-o'clock erection because you had a lot of testosterone to burn at that time.
For many years, your endocrine system has been slowing down very rapidly because of your over-masturbation and over-ejaculation habits leading to the undercharge of the Central Nervous System (CNS), the commander of the endocrine system. Since then, you have trained your prostate nerve to get off as soon and much as possible.
You have to retrain your visual response with the Sexual ChiKong or Anal Breathing which use the pressure agaist the bladder to relax the prostate nerve and the tail-bone muscle exercise to interfere with the sexual response and channel the sexual energy from the prostate to the pituitary via the spinal cord and the Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network. Read Chapter 6 and practice it whenever your mind is calm.

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