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Case Study - How to Practice the Natural Penile Enlargement for sexual orgasm!
Reader: 9/18/1999>
Can you elaborate the Natural Penile Enlargement method?
Dr. Lin: 9/19/1999>
The Ballooning Method is very simple.
or fig6-17b in Chapter 6 shows the massage stimulation zone. On the Yang (superior) side of the penile shaft, you have to massage the nerves as marked in green dots. Don't stimulate the urethra nerve (the green circle) which connects to the prostate's ejaculation control valve.
The success of this practice relies on
1. Hormone and NO levels - elevating your hGH, testosterone, and DHEA levels, balancing your estrogen level, and increasing the chemical Nitric Oxide (NO) concentration in your bloodstream to relax the penile tissues and arteries.
2. The ability to hold back ejaculation 3-5 times when ejaculation almost occurs. You have to train yourself to hold back ejaculation when you are about to ejaculate. You should apply a little pressure against your bladder and must contract your tailbone muscle when you are about to ejaculate.

Hormones feed the penile nerves and dilate the penile tissues for expansion. Hormone burning during sexual stimulation produces the super-potent hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to creates erection pressure from the groins and lower back (tail bone ),( as described in /cases/case8517.htm , updated 10/15/1999),

and bioelectrically supercharges the parasympathetic nerves in the pelvic cavity and the prostate to actuate the penile expansion. When the hormone-enriched blood fills up in the penile shaft, prostate and pelvic cavity, a penile expansion pressure grows up and the hidden section of the penis inside the body will be popped out. The popped-out section will be about 1-2", depending on your hormone and NO levels. You will feel an explosive pressure in the prostate area and the penis will become semi-numbed. Generally speaking, You must take advantage of the natural expansion force when ejaculation almost occurs. However, you must practice the Sexual Chikong Breathing to hold the ejaculation back for at least 3-5 times in every practice.
Step 1: Massage the groins/pubis and the penis footing and base to initiate erection.
Step 2: Massage the superior side of the penile shaft until ejaculation almost occur, but you must hold back with a deep anal breathing.
Step 3: then repeat Steps 1 and 2.
After 10-20 minute massage, you may be able to eliminate ejaculation without feeling uncomfortable.
You must massage the groins, perineum and tail bone to disperse DHT into your blood circulation after this practice. Don't let DHT be trapped in the prostate area. DHT can stimulate prostate enlargement, as it does for your penile enlargement. You must remove it by increasing the blood circulation around the prostate area.
If you are married, the best way to achieve the natural penile enlargement is intercourse which combines your and her sexual energies to balloon the penis. These procedures are given in Chapter 6, which shows many preferred love positions for the this practice. The sole stimulation zone for the penis during intercourse is shown in fig6-17b. Any high-attack angle love positions can do it. Stimulation of the male trigger zone must be avoided as shown in
You must be aware of the bioelectric circuits in the penis and vagina, as detailed in Chapters 2 and 6. The bioelectric circuits in the vagina and penis couple the sexual energy across two bodies. The female sexual energy can make you come quickly or help you power your penis to an extreme, depending how the bioelectric circuits between two bodies interact each other. If the G-spot and Epicenter energy fields are coupled with the nerves on the Yang side (the stimulation zone) of the penis shaft, the penis will be ballooned up. On the other hand, if the vaginal energy fields charge the male trigger zone, it will elevate the bioelectric energy of the prostate's ejaculation control valve to ejaculate. This make a lot of men ejaculate immediately right after penetrating. Regardless of which love position you use, the prostate's ejaculation nerve will get bioelectrically charged more or less. Thus, during intercourse, you must practice the sexual chikong to channel the sexual energy from the prostate back to the brain via the fire pathway (the Governing Vessel of the acupuncture network) and the water pathway (the spinal cord) as described in
You must continuously channel your sexual energy back
to your brain from your prostate, no matter which way you do, intercourse or self-stimulation, to prevent your prostate from overheating for ejaculation, as possible as you can. Let your hormones feed your penile nerves and tissues to increase its flexibility and elasticity for the penile ballooning. You can not practice the Natural Penile Enlargement without Sexual ChiKong Breathing and sufficient hormones. You can not expand your penis to the maximum (extreme) size without the hormones as mentioned. When the hormone secretion ebbs, the erected penis starts to shrink. Middle agers and seniors know the best about the penile shrinkage!
The penile tissue is not muscle. You can not break it down with a mechanical force and then make an attempt to reconstruct it, like a body builder does. Once you destroy the integrity of the penile tissues, veins, arteries or nerves, the penis will be crooked or deformed as experienced by other readers in

Once the damage is done, it is irreversible, lasting for life.
You may need a light dose of human Growth Hormone releaser to "grow" the penis, such as ViaGrowth-I/EnergiaTea, PeniSOS/FibraTea, ViaGrowth-II/FibraTea, ViaGrowth-III/Fibra, or ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea,  plus Ginseng tea. The FibraTea and Ginseng Tea are to reduce the stress hormone production and to block the stress-hormone receptors in the prostate for a long, hard erection. 

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