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Case Study - Dr.Lin's philosophy of formulating full-spectrum hormone releasers for sexual orgasm, without any side effects.
Reader: 9/11/1999>
I have review your articles and I am confused and would like your advice. I'm 45 years old and a few years ago I got a urine infection. Ever since then I have had a weird feeling while having sex at the tip of my penis. I have started to use some herbs which have helped, like Yohimbe however I have heard that Yohimbe is bad for your heart. Along with this I have noticed that I ejaculate much faster, don't have control anymore and also am smaller than I once was.
What product do you recommend?
Also, my wife is 41 and don't have the sexual urge that I have when I take Yohimbe. What would you recommend for her?
Do you have any of these incredients in a multiple vitamin product?
Thank you,
Dr. Lin: 9/16/1999>
You are right! Heavy dosage of Yohimbe will drive your heart crazy and shoot your blood pressure to sky. Note : Yohimbe is the only FDA-approved herb for treating impotence. Some people called Yohimbe the Herbal Vi?gr? (the trade-marked erectile drug!). It is very ironic! Dosage of Yohimbe and the patient's physical condition determine its the good, the bad and the urgly. Low dosage can benefit the heart and kidney -optimizing (or regulating) your heart beat and blood pressure and promoting the parasympathetic function! Any medicines, herbs or chemicals almost have the same charateristerics. Optimal dosage is good for the body; overdosage will kill organ functions.
That is why we use a full-spectrum hormone releaser to rejuvenate your body for erection without trigger your symapthetic function for ejaculation. The upper limit of the Yohimbe is about 500-600 mg without triggering heart racing and elevating blood pressure. In fact, low dosage (about 200-300 mg) of Yohimbe can regulate the heart function and tune the blood pressure into the normal range.
The Fibra Tea in our full spectrum-fomulas ViaPal-hGH-D or -P includes 300-mg Yohimbe. In the past, a woman claimed PeniSOS/Fibra help her lower her blood pressure and hypertension, as discused in /cases/case7807.htm
She has become one of our long-term customers for this wonderful food and Tea.
One of the long-term the erectile-drug users with high-blood pressure didn't like Fibra Tea, instead I sent me Energia Tea which is Yohimbe-free to solve his problem. He claimed the Yohimbe-free formula, ViaPal-hGH-E or -X, has solved his erection problem, so that he has no longer used the erectile drug Vi?gr? any more! Please read
But, He has taken 2 tablets of PeniSOS a day, which contains 100 mg Yohimbe! So, a low dosage of Yohimbe for the high-blood pressure patient has strengthened his heart and help his kidneys controll the high-pressure regulator (Renin-Release mechanism)!
In fact, we know the exact effects of Yohimbe on the cardiovascular and nervous functions associated with erection and ejaculation control, because we tested our body reaction with a product called Yohimbe 2000 (2000 mg (liquid) per serve!). We reduced the dosage until it produces positive effects on the entire body function. That is how I optimize the Yohimbe dosage to benefit health.
In fact, if you overdose your body with any herbs or medicines, your liver will be offended and deactivated. Once the liver function slows down, the liver will produce a lot of enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen, instead of good enzymes that translate your diet to amino acids in enhanced your body function (the parasympathetic bioelectric recharge function for healing power) and optimally dilate your arteries for erection without over-driving your cardiovascular function (this is one of the common side effects produced by the erectile drugs or herbs.) This means, adding testosterone will elevate the estrogen level, not the testosterone level! please read:
Why testosterone therapy alone won't work for health and sexual orgasm?

Less testosterone and more estrogen, and more bad enzymes and lesss good enzymes produced by the liver function, means sexual dysfunction and health disorder. This is what the side effects of medication drugs, medicines, birth control pills/injection, alcohol and smoking on sexual function are. Thus, I consider the Liver is the first Sex Organ. In my all formulas, the first organ to be protected is the liver. To enhance the liver function, I use plant estrogen (Isoflavones), amino acids (ViaGrowth-IV), and animal liver extract. Isoflavones is the most powerful ingredient for anti-cancer, anti-tumor and anti-aromatasation (anti-aging). Our customers are very smart. They verified our products with their doctors. Please read:
Note that PeniSOS contains 100 mg per 2-tablets and Fibra Tea, 300 mg per serve (one full dropper). Actual dose in their testing is 400 mg per day. Our ViaGrowth-I,-II and -III also contains 100 mg in each serve ( per day), respectively. Fibra Tea supplies 300 mg in one dose.
For high-blood pressure and heart patients, a 400mg dosage of Yohimbe may be too high, so that we replace Fibra Tea with Energia Tea (Yohimbe free). But, 100-mg Yohimbe helps! That is why ViaPal-hGH- E or -X (recently released) works effectively for high-blood pressure and heart paitents without any side effects. /mail/herbform.htm
Your wife should have Heat Tea package. This package will last 60 days for her. Take ViaGrowth-III and PeniSOS one tablet a day. Drink a low dosage of Heat Tea daily. She will be like a romantic young girl again. (Updated 3/18/2000: ViaGrowth-IV/FibraTea + Ginseng Power Max 4x are more powerful than Heat Tea.)
I use plant hormones and animal grandular extract (animal hormones) to rejevunate the body function. Except B-6, B-12 and Folid Acid which enhance the nervous, liver and cardiovascular functions, there is no necessary to take other Vitamin Supplements. In fact, ViaGroth-I,II,III and Paragon have already had enough supporting vitamins. ( updated 3/18/2000: ViaGrowth-IV has everything she needs!)
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