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Case Study - Grow the penis and solve the penile numbness for sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/11/1999>
My husband is a 28 year old healthy male. Every once in a while he says that he feels a numbness in his penis during sex. What could be the cause of this? i've asked my regular doctor about this, and he said that he's never heard of something like this. Thanks,
Dr. Lin: 9/16/1999>
Three possible causes:
1. If he expands his penis to an extreme, about 20-40% longer than its natural (initial) erection, the blood pressure inside the penile cylinders will block the three major nerves, two on the superior side of the shaft and one along the urethral tube to the prostate, as shown in
with green marks.
If the two superior nerves are interrupted, sexual stimulation will no longer be able to balloon his penis, and the penis will start to go limp in minutes.
If the urethral nerve is block, he will last for a long, long time, about 60-120 minutes without ejaculation.
Generally speaking, a power-up penis will natural reduce the sensitivity of the entire penile shaft for a long, long love session this way. The power-up penis is naturally pointing upward, a 12-2 o'clock position, with very tight scrotum, as shown in
Note: This picture was video-taped along with the other ones as shown in
The penis in this stage is about to become fully numbed. At that time, I just felt my penis is about to explode and when I plugged it in my wife's vagina, she moaned and cried out immediately. She told me she felt power surge striking her G-spot and Epicenter and running up to her Conception Vessel (the central line of the front body) of the acupuncture network, and then she erupted like a volcano eruption in less than one minute.
If his case is similar to this, you should take advantage of his penis power to achieve your orgasm.
If he can power-up his penis this way, feeding his penis with my ViaPal-hGH-P or ViaPal-hGH-E will increase the penile nervous sensitivity during that stage to allow more sexual stimulation to grow (balloon) his penis to another bigger stage until his penis reaches the absolute maximum size, about the size of the middle finger plus the palm size.
2. If his erection is not so hard, pointing to a 2-3 o'clock position or to the ground, and his scrotum is still saggy, the penile numbness is caused by running out of his gas (testosterone). That means, his endocrine system is unable to produce testosterone burst and burning to feed his penile nerves. In this case, he should take ViaPal-hGH-P or -E to charge his endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular and liver systems.
3. If certain spots of his penis become numbed, it is the blood congestion pockets in the penile base/footing or the penile cylinders compressing the local neurons. The blood congestion is defined in
In this regard, he should massage (not masturbate) his penile shaft very often, like what I instructed the young man to repair his broken penis, as discussed in
Be honest to you, it is not easy to take care of this male love tool which needs frequent massage, sufficient hormones, and good blood circulation. In fact, the female love tool requires the same cares too. A love couple should take care of each other's love tool.

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