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Case Study - low-back pain, birth control pill, and sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/10/1999>
1) My girlfriend (19 years old) has low sex drive. She enjoys sex and gets horny occasionally but I am usually the one initiating. She also takes a long time to orgasm. She gets dry pretty quickly sometimes. She wants to have more sex drive, and she thinks she needs your heat tea. What do you recommend? I think maybe her testosterone is too low because she is on the birth control pill which increases estrogen. *another thing: she has never orgasmed from vaginal intercourse and requires clitoral stimulation.. what do you recommend?
2) When I massage my girlfriend's lower back, she has pain on the right kidney. She has had back pains, especially in the lower back, for a long time. Her butt and thighs often get cold. She also gets tired/sleepy often it seems. She wants to know how she can improve this. She is learning tai chi stretches and is doing the chikung breathing.

E-mial 2:
Hi Dr. Lin, to add to my previous inquiry, I noticed last night as I was massaging my girlfriend's back, that massaging her sacrum (right above her tailbone) was very painful for her. Maybe this might help you evaluate her condition. Thanks.

Dr. Lin: 9/14/1999>
1. Her tetsosterone is low due to birth control pill.
The pilll overloads her endocrine and liver systems with estrogen. The liver is deactived by the pill. Then, the liver produces insufficient HDL cholestrol for adrenal cortexes to synthesize DHEA which is essential for testosterone production. The pitutary, the master of endocrine system, has gotten a negative feedback signal of estrogen overloading to slow down the adrenal and ovarian functions resposible for testosterone secretion.
Overall, she is in testosterone deficiency.
She gets dried quickly because of the deficiency of DHEA. DHEA helps the endocrine system to produce other enzymes to burn testosterone and estrogen. Testosterone burning is responsible for continuous engorgement and ultimate sexual orgasm, but estrogen burning is required for continuously lubricating.
2. Did she get hurt when she was a kid?
For example, falling from a bike to the ground. or falling on her butts.

Reader: 9/14/1999
E-mail 1: She said she's fallen on her butt a few times as a kid, but nothing serious (she didn't break anything).

E-mail 2: She also said that her crotch and butt get sore from riding her bike, like the bone down there gets bruised or something? Or could they simply be cramps in the crotch?

Dr. Lin: 9/14/1999>
Overall, the old wounds have created very seriuos, new problems for her once her DHEA and testosterone secretion slows down. Since the birth control pill deactivates the liver and adrenal function, resulting in testosterone and DHEA deficiency, the old wound will re-suface. The lower back pain is very common for people who DHEA and testosterone levels drop below the save levels above which the functions of other internal organs such as the heart, lung, liver, adrenal glands and kidneys, are normally active.
The old wounds have formed blood congestion pockets under the deep layer of her butts/crotch/groins, which block the local blood circulation suppling DHEA, testosterone and oxygen to feed the neurons and cellss in the ligaments, joints, bone marrow, and mucles there.
Once the neurons get insufficient DHEA and Testosterone, they respond with pain and the ligaments, joints and muscles lose their flexibility and elasticity to stand the loading stress and strain.
The best solution for her problem is use Vacuum-Cupping Massage to remove the blood-congestion pockets in the lower back/butts, as discussed in
Since she is very young, Vacuum-cupping Massage can fully solve her back pain problem.
Since she is on birth control pill, she should take one tablet of ViaGrowth-III and PeniSOS, and drink Heat Tea to increase her sexual orgasmic response.

Hi Dr. Lin,
Thanks for your insight into my girlfriend's problem. Is Vacuum cup massage the only solution? Is there anything else she can do to help her in the long run? Such as exercises or massage? What kind of massages (besides the vacuum cupping) can I do for her that would benefit her?
Can you send me product "3-001, Orgasmic Tea(also known as Passionate Tea or Heat Tea), including Verdina, Energia,& Fibra (1-oz each), and PeniSOS (60tabs) &, Now (since 9/1/1999) , including ViaGrowth-III (60tabs) at no extra charge! 30-60 day supply."
Please send it regular shipping. Thanks! Don't forget to send it to my NEW ADDRESS
Dr. Lin: 9/15/1999>
Vacuum Cupping Massage is the only solution, because I have tried a lot of other traditional Chinese healing arts, including acupunture, electrode acup-stimulation, and pressure massage, who did not work at all. This because the blood congestion pockets are deeply buried under many layer of tissues; some are near the joints which is out of reach by pressure massage. In about 4-6 runs of vacuum-cupping massage, all her pains will be removed.
Yes, I will include Heat Tea for her to your new address! No extra shipping charge!
Luckily, Hurrican Floyd won't strike us, but all the pubic offices, including the US Postal Office, closed for two days, 9/14-15/1999.
Tomorrow, I will send all of them by 2-day priority.

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