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Case Study - Vacuum-cupping massage and ViaGrowth-IV for vaginismus and sexual orgasm! Why?
Reader: 9/8/1999>
Hi, My problem is vaginismus. In short, I cannot insert even tampons into my vagina. I am 30. My husband and I have tried IT several times, but because of the spasms of my vaginal muscles, we cannot manage. I went to a doctor once. She gave me a sedative and a anesthesia ointment and recommended me to use alcohol. I tried all of them, but nothing has changed. So, I do not know what to do. I ashame to talk about this subject to anyone. I am so desperate. What do you recommend me?
Dr. Lin: 9/13/1999>
Vaginismus is associated with the blood congestion in both sides of the vagina, the groins, or the clitoral footing. Blood congestion pockets the metabolic waste, stress hormones, and the testosterone-burning end-product dihydrotestosterone (DHT) into tiny parcels which block the local blood circulation and compress the adjacent nervous fibers to trigger spasmic pains and cramps. Excessive  DHT also causes the local tissue to dilate and increases the nervous sensitivity to respond (Note: DHT is essential for Natural Penile and Clitoral/G-spot enlargement during sexual encounter!).  The cramps and pains are unexpected. This phenomenon is like the spasmically cramping pain in the lower legs or toes. The blood congestion phenomenon is give in
A detail analysis of the similar case on the spasmic clitoral pain is given in
This kind of pain is very similar to the male prostate pain.
In fact, the causes of blood congestion and its resulting pains and cramps in the perineum area for both men and women are similar.
The poor blood circulation down there can be a result of mechanical damage of the local tissue, long-term biking in a narrow seat, long-term sitting, and high (thick) blood density.
The pains or cramps can be caused by trapping too much DHT and metabolic waste in the local blood-congestion pocket as shown in
where the dark-red spots are the surfaced blood-congestion pockets initially packed in a deep layer of tissue.
Vacuum-cupping massage uprooted the blood-congestion pockets and sucked them from the deep-layer tissue to the skin surface. This allows  the blood circulation to carry more oxygen, nutrients and hormones to renourish the local tissues and nervous fibers or neurons.  Testosterone and DHEA hormones will increase the flexibility and elasticity of the vaginal muscle and orifice.  Less testosterone and DHEA due to the poor blood circulation will result in rigidity in muscles, ligaments and joints. Excessive DHT in the local tissue will cause pains and cramps. If the male prostate tissues trap too much DHT in the hormonal receptors, the man will have the pain in the prostate muscle. If bodybuilders or athletes (tennis stars/runners/football players/weight lifter....) trap too much DHT in the muscles or ligaments, they will experience spasmic pains or cramps.  
Once the blood-congestion pockets are surfaced, the spasmic pain and cramp disappeared immediately, like a magic. The detail of this topics is given in

With the Vacuum-Cupping Massage, you must replenish your body with ViaGrowth-IV that help the brain/nervous/endocrine system to produce more hormones and healing power to increase the flexibility of the local tissues and nervous fibers or cells. ViaGrowth-IV is Item 1-005 in


(updated 4/15/2000: Please read http://www.actionlove.com/cases/case8889.htm for the power of ViaGrowth-IV for vaginal muscle exercise.).  

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