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Case Study - Clitoral spasmic pain during sexual excitement and orgasm
Reader: 9/8/1999>
About a year ago I started having pain with direct touch on my clitoris. I no longer felt the physical pleasure I used to with clitoral stimulation. To my dismay I soon discovered that even kissing with no touching any other part of my body brought twinges of discomfort to my genitals. It seemed like what used to evoke pleasurable feeling in my clitoris now caused discomfort. The more direct the connection the more painful. I could achieve an orgasm at times by forcing it, but it was not enjoyable and there was pain at the moment of orgasm. I only attempted this from time to time (once every few months to see if I was improving and I was careful to not cause pain or damage to tissues.) The pain during the orgasm was not horrible and did not last long, it felt like a clitoral spasm.
I need to add that I have Interstitial Cystitis of a mild degree. I say this because I have talked to and read about others with IC and I do not suffer the way many of them do. During the day I am very comfortable with the only symptom that I may need to urinate more than usual. I am able to go hours without needing to urinate and many days am normal. I have frequent urination at night some times that interferes with sleep. It seems to be hormonal lately because it occurs at the same time each cycle (around the 18th day) although it has seemed diet connected at other times. On bad nights I wake up suddenly with a spasm in the uerethra. Urination eliminates all pain.
Because arousal brought on pain in the clitoris I was unable to engage in any kind of activity that would bring the twinges or eventually pain to my clitoris. I seemed unable to lubricate also but this seemed linked to the pain (ie the pain was blocking the usual sensations that trigger lubrication) Fortunately that stage ended after a month or so. I am so grateful but even with the improvement I am unable to acheive an orgasm without pain or maybe not at all. The last time I tried I failed. The clitoris felt almost numb.
My husband and I have wonderful sex in spite of this challenge. He is in good sexual health. I enjoy all the other aspects of love making of which there are many. I easily lubricate and can enjoy stimulation if it is not directly on the clitoris. I can even enjoy a little direct stimulation if it is not frequent or intense.
I have been at this improved state for almost a year, with very little further improvement. I have seen a gynecologist and my urologist but they do not have suggestions other than to contact the vulvodynia Association. In my reading I have not read of others like me. I read a lot about very constant and severe pain that interferes with daily life. My life is very good and if I never improve I would be grateful for what I have. However I wonder what has caused my problem and would like to do anything natural to improve.
I tried to think of some cause and I came up with this. About 5 months before the initial problem I started taking Am?tr?ptilene to help me sleep on nights of frequent urination. Up to this point I had never used medication for my problem. It helped my sleep and I took it every night. During that time my orgasms changed. They were more drawn out and slower. I had very satisfactory ones before but these seemed better. I wondered if the drug had an effect, being that it worked because it had a numbing effect on the bladder and perhaps affected the clitoris as well. I did not think of this until the initial problem when I was trying to figure a possible cause. The doctors and the pharmacist all doubted that this was a cause.
Any help or advice would be appreciated. Is there a name for this? Is it a mild version of vulvodynia? Thank you ,
Dr. Lin: 9/13/1999>

First, your medication blocks the parasympathetic sexual nervous function that engorges your clitoris, G-spot, Epicenter and urethral spongy tissues, reduces your DHEA, testosterone, and Oxytocin production,  and , then, dampens your sexual and orgasmic responses. You need ViaGrowth-IV to restore your brain/nervous/endocrine functions.

Regarding your clitoral pains, I have completely analyzed your problem and drawn a new graph for you to detail your problem. It seems this pain is associated with a blockage (blood congestion) in the acupuncture point CV-2, as shown in
The blood congestion is discussed in
and shown in
When it is sucked it up to the skin surface from the deep-layer tissue, the blood congestion is colored like a dark-red or brown pocket as you can see in the following picture.
The blood congestion exerts a lot of pressure on the sexual nerve. In that picture, it causes prostate pain and premature ejaculation and increases the urinating frequency when the testosterone burst and burning occurs there during sexual excitement or encounter.
Intimacy or sexual stimulation will cause the bioelectric energy to flow into your sex organ, as sexual energy, to engorge your clitoris, G-spot and Epicenter, initiate the testosterone burst and burning, and lubricate your vagina. The burning of testosterone produces dihydrotestosterone (DHT) to dilate the tissue in the clitoral footing between the urethra and the pubic. It also generates more bioelectric energy there.
The generated bioelectric energy then supercharges the clitoral rooting nerve and contractile fiber in CV-2 near the lowest end of the pubic bone, under the clitoral base which is about 0.5-1 inch deep from the skin surface as shown in
This makes the clitoral nerve become every sensitive and the blood congestion pocket collides with the clitoral and urethral nerves when DHT swells the nerves and tissues under your clitoris, resulting in spasmic pains. The blood congestion pocket also compress and stimulate your urethra to increase your urinating frequency. To illustrate the blood congestion pocket, I used fig6-24.jpg to create an illustration for you as shown in
Your problem is similar to the male prostate pain resulting from the blood congestion and the elevated DHT level as shown in
The prostate pain also causes urinating urgency and increases urinating frequency.
I have been very successful to help men solve this problem by simply improving the blood circulation down there.
The blood congestion down there can be a result of the tissue damage due to old impact, biking, or long-term sitting that blocks the local blood circulation.
The blood congestion pocket may be located on both sides of your clitoral shaft and its footing. This problem is fully curable.
If you remove the blood congestion pocket, your problem will be resolved naturally. You need a deep massage around the clitoris base and its surrounding area to penetrate into the underlayer tissue to get it out.
Vacuum-cupping is the best solution which can be done without touching your clitoris.

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