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Case Study - Dr.Lin's formulas have broken the traditional Taoists' sexual limitations for more sexual orgasm
Reader: 9/9/1999>
I actually have a concern. Being a martial artist I have to preserve what Taoists call "jing". I perform a high frequency of masturbation...at least once a day, every day. Is this too much? What do I need to do if anything?
Thank you.
Dr. Lin: 9/11/1999>
My question is how often you ejaculate in one day or one week. It seems you perform a high frequency of masturbation in an attempt to elevate your testosterone level.
In fact, I has encouraged loving couples to have 10-20 minute morning intercourse without male ejaculation for the same purpose, in addition to cure their sexual dysfunctions. But, this or your practices are limited by the availability of the hGH and DHEA in the bloodstream. When these two hormone levels are too low, you can only elavate a very limit amount of testosterone in your body. That is, why the ancient Taoists use the plant hormones in the tonic herbs to boost the hGH and DHEA levels in the bloodstream to achieve rejuvenation.
Be honest you, after I have developed my herbal supplements, we are able to break the Taoists tradition, double the ejaculation frequency without sexual exhaustion and losing erection power, and rewrite the Taoists teaching.
We have tested these products in 45-70 year young couples for doubling their ejaculation and orgasm frequency. For example, Our ViaPal-hGH-P or -D enables a 50-plus year young man to ejaculate every 3 days (Taoists' limitation is once every 5 - 8 days) without sexual exhaustion, and make his lady come twice every time. And, in next morning, he will have a harder morning erection, a phenomenon indicating that ejaculation may promote his endocrine function if he constantly replenish his body with an optimal, full-spectrum hormone releaser for producing sufficient Human Growth Hormone (hGH), DHEA, testosterone, and balanced estrogen. In order for her to come twice every time at age of 50-plus, the woman takes ViaGrowth-III daily, with drinking a limited amount of Heat Tea for intercourse, to increase her natural lubrication and avoid intercourse or post-orgasm pains or cramps. The most important result is: The man can still hold a solid erection for more than a hour to make her come twice in one love session. Our results are very consistent for the senior couples. For this reason, we pack this package into a new formula called ViaGrowth-IV, which will be available soon.
Obviously, the plant hormones (including Isoflavones - the plant estrogen), the animal-glandular extracts such as heart, pituitary, liver, adrenal glands and testicles, DHEA, androstenedione and hGH releasers really do the job for the middle agers and seniors, men and women. It seems these products produce more "Jing" - Bioelectricity and Testosterone.
Don't work too hard on your penile shaft. You may damage it. I have gotten many cases of penile damage. Some examples are given in
There are many readers having crocked penises which may be associated with wild masturbation. Massage it gently. Use my Penile Ballooning Method can avoid premature ejaculation or ejaculation urgency.
In this way, you can preserve more 'Jing" as well. However, when you have more "jing", your endocrine system will get a negative feedback signal of testosterone overloading to slow itself down. When you over-ejaculate, the bioelectric level in your central nervous system become too low to support your endocrine function. The best way to optimize your ejaculation frequency is to clock your endocrine function and to find out your endocrine cycling. If you ejaculate according to your endocrine cycling, it will promote your endocrine function to produce more "Jing" for you. My herbal suppelments can promote the nervous, cardiovascular, and endocrine functions to increase both erection power and ejaculation frequency.

Advice: If you try to increase the dosage in an attempt to tripple the ejaculation frequency, you will hit the upper limitation of the dosage that you liver can handle. That is. overloading your body with tonic herbal supplements won't tripple your ejaculation frequency, because your liver fire (what is the liver fire?) will go off to limit your enocrine function.

Thanks for responding to my concern Dr. Lin. To answer your question on how many times I ejaculate...once, sometimes twice a day (7-14 times a week).
I do have a question for you. How do I "clock" my endocrine function and how do I find out what my endocrine cycle is? Also, what is endocrine?
Thanks again.
Dr. Lin: 9/12/1999>
It seems you are getting addicted to this indulgent art. You have trained your prostate's sympathetic nerve to fire up your ejaculation that way by masturbation. Since you are a martial art practitioner, you should know our Autonomic Nervous Function can be trained to react to mind action and five senses in certain patterns. Your hands automatically react to offend other's hand action. Your stomach will feel hungry in each regular meal time. You have trained your prostate to ejaculate in certain times and frequencies by masturbation.
When you are young, you can afford to ejaculate as much as you want. The problem is that ejaculation consumes not only testosterone and bioelectric energy in the prostate nerves, but also hGH, DHEA and bioelectric energy stored in the parasympathetic nervous division of other organs such as the heart, lung, liver, kidneys, pituitary, adrenal glands, eyes, ears, nose.... The parasympathetic bioelectricity is the bias potential for sensing and actuating of each organs. It also provides the action potential for the sympathetic nervous function to act and react to the external offense.
The parasympathetic bioelectricity (DC potential) is "Yin Chi" and the sympathetic bioelectrity (Pulsed Action Potential, DC + AC voltage) is "Yang Chi" in the Martial Art theory. Yin Chi flows in Yin-type Vessels in the front body to balance the bioelectricity stored in each associated organ and Yang Chi in Yang-type Vessels in the back body to balance the bioelectricity stored in the associated organ for performing "Fight or Flight" action. There are several interlinking points between the master Yin and Yang Vessels, the Conception and Governing Vessels (CV and GV). Two most important interlinking points are CV-1 and GV-1, where CV-1 is located at the center between the scrotum (vagina) and the anus, and GV-1 is at the tip of tail bone. For men, CV-1 is the location of the prostate. Channeling Chi (sexual energy in the prostate) to GV-1 means "Return Jing to the brain" via the fire pathway, the Governing Vessel, and the water pathway, the spinal cord, coupled at the tail bone. The Chi in the water path will recharge the parasympathetic nervous division, while the Chi in the fire pathway will recharge the Central Nervous System to enhance the pituitary and endocrine functions for the DHEA and Testosterone hormone burst and burning, that, in turn, supercharge both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous divisions. Shao-Lin Temple's monks mainly channel their sexual energy into the water pathway. With the vegetarians' diet, they are able to minimum their libido and enhance Yin Chi for longevity. On the other hand, Traditional Taoists would like to equally channel their sexual energy into both the fire and water pathways for more "jing" - sexual power, and longevity, with help of tonic herbal supplements. Historically, Taoists lived longer than Buddhism monks and nuns. On assumption was that it is very difficult for men and women to live longer without properly draining sexual power - the fire in the Kidney and Liver Vessels. This is what Buddhism monks and nuns has missed. Taoism sexuality emphasizes that sexual orgasm by the harmonic coupling of both sexes will prolong life, due to the fact that sexual orgasm extinguishes the "Excessive" fire in the Liver and Kidney Vessels leading to a good sleep for promoting hGH, DHEA and testosterone secretion, reactivates the endocrine function to supercharge the Central Nervous System and its parasympathetic channel. The condition for the benefit of sexual orgasm is that you must have "Excessive" fire (or hormones) to extinguish (or drain), which means the excessive testosterone (more than an optimal level for your organ to properly function) must be discharged through intercourse. In fact, intercourse itself performs the supercharge of the nervous system through the testosterone testosterone burning across two bodies and assist the sexual energy channeling from the CV (the sea of Yin) to GV (the master of Yang) across the acupuncture points CV-1 and GV-1.
However, when the bioelectric level in the Central Nervous System (CNS)is low, the CNS lose its ability to activate the endocrine system. the patients become depressed or sexually exhausted. When there is an excessive testosterone in the bloodstream, the pituitary gets a negative feedback signal to slow down endocrine function. To elevate the "Excessive" fire for more sexual power without generating the negative feed signal that slows the pituitary/brain function down, Taoists have used the tonic herbs to enhance the nervous, cardiovascular, liver and endocrine function in the first place. I have studied the mechanism of sexual orgasm and followed this Taoism tradition. However, I have advanced the Taoism sexuality with help of the modern biotechnogies advancement in extracting hormones or hormone-building substances from plants and animal glands. Therefore, my herbal supplements will allow men and women to rejuvenate their bodies for better health and sexual orgasm and to increase orgasm frequency to power their bodies.
You have to break the masturbation cycle and re-establish a new, harmless cycle. Ejaculation usually irritate the prostate nerve, leading to another masturbation in a short time until you fully empty your testosterone and bioelectric energy. This is a very dangerous practice leading to premature ejaculation, premature aging, and weak erection or even impotency in the age of early 20. You have to break this pattern. After you masturbate to ejaculate, you must massage the groins and perineum to increase the local blood circulation and disperse the excessive dyhydrotestosterone (DHT), the end product of testosterone burning, in the prostate. DHT is very stimulating. If the excessive DHT resides in the prostate, your prostate is still being swollen or temporarily enlarged for another masturbation and ejaculation. If you drain it, your prostate will return to the normal in few hours and the prostate ejaculation control nerve will cool down soon. Eating more vegetables/fruits, soy products, beans, nuts and seeds will help the prostate nerve stay calm for reduction of both ejaculation urgency and frequency.
If you want to "masturbate" to increase your "Jing", I suggest you massage your penile base/footing, groins and pubis, instead of rubbing your penis shaft near the glands. If you do so for 10-20 minutes with my anal breathing as shown in
your sexual urgency will go away. Of course, it is impossible for you to kick away your sexual urgency every time when the Liver and Kidney fires are burning. In this case, you can ejaculate. You should reduce masturbation frequency by this way. The Excessive physical exercise, where will consume a lot of testosterone, is the another way to break the masturbation pattern. The best way to break the masturbation pattern is: combine both methods. First, practice my massage method to reduce sexual urgency and then go for an excessive exercise. Remember What is the Shao-Lin meditation and Kung-fu (martial art) for! Knock down the sexual urgency of the monks!
Your endocrine cycle can be clocked in two ways: the frequency of your wet dream, or the frequency of your natural sleep pattern. I prefer the natural sleep pattern. When you have excessive testosterone in the bloodstream, you will sleep less and can not have a good sleep. If you clock the duration of your natural sleep, you will find your your endocrine cycle. Note: A deep sleep promotes secretion of hGH, DHEA, testosterone and estrogen. You must have a deep sleep every day to calm your "Shen", preserve your "Jing", and recharge your 'Chi."

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