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Case Study - Vaginal loosing or penile erection problems for no orgasm. solution!
Reader : 9/5/1999>
I have been married to my wife for 6 years. I have a below average penis size and she has above average vagina size, there is alot of times that I cannot feel her when we make love, but she does not complain. Is there any thing to be done to make our love making sensations better?.
Dr. Lin: 9/6/1999>
It is this is an erectile, rather than size, problem.
How old are you?

Reader: 9/7/1999>
I am 38 and a little out of shape, I feel that is a problem also. But the erections dont seem to be as strong as they used to be, but I have always been very self conscious concerning my size, especially the girth. I have had other women that the sensation and sex has been fantastic, but with my wife it is not as good. She also knows that her vaginal muscles are looser than normal. I guess that we are just not good sexual companions, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dr. Lin: 9/7/1999>
I have the same dispute on the vaginal muscle with my wife at your age.
My wife said it is the erection problem not the vaginal loosing. Why?
She pointed out:
1. for many years, I have never complained.
2. she brought up our X-rated pictures to show my erection in the good old days.
Then, I has been convinced and looked for the dietary supplements to repower my erection.
I have gotten it and restored my erection power as shown in
When the erection is weak, she won't feel your penis inside her; you won't feel friction from her vagina, so that you blame her.
Your age 38 indicates you are enter the midlife transition, the so-called male menopause. Your life and thinking will start to become more matured, erection power will go dimming if you don't eat and shrink right, and take dietary supplements to rejuvenate your body and slow down your aging. In this regard, ViaGrowth-II/Fibra plus Ginseng Power Max 4X can help your out.

Reader: 9/8/1999>
Thank you very much for your quick and very professional responses. I have went ahead and ordered as you have suggested. However there is one more question.
My wife has stated to me that since she has given birth to our two children her sex drive has not been what it used to be, will the same help her also? She is 36.
Dr. Lin: 9/8/1999>
This is a very common problem for women after giving birth, without replenishing the exhausted body.
Traditionally, New Mom must have tonic herbal, chicken soup with Ginger, Dong-Quai, Ginseng, Sesame oil and win for at least one month.
The tonic soup will help the new ma to reactivate her endocrine function and help her uterus return to the normal size. You may wonder why the grandma generation delivered so many babies and can still enjoy sexual orgasm to their 70 or 80, with a very low divorce rate.
Nowaday, people ignore this tradition, and believe multi-vitamins can do everything. Gee! if the multi-vitamins are so powerful, I will run out of the business.
In fact, the multi-vitamins, as recommended by FDA or USDA, are the basic requirements for the body to function. The body needs more than these to produce sufficient bioelectric energy. It requires the hormone-building substances from the plants and animal glands to target special organs in order to enhance the organs' functions. That is why I formulates many formulas for certain purpose.
For your wife, she can be reactivated by Heat Tea. In 2 or 3 days, she will return to the romantic good old days with this package. Once more benefit of Heat Tea is that it will help her swell her urethral spongy tissues from the G-spot to the Epicenter (click here) so that you will feel her vagina become narrowed and experience her vaginal gripping force on your glans penis! Once more thing : she should periodically contract her vaginal muscle with her low-abdomen and tailbone muscles when both of you are in the love action.

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