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Case Study - Vaginal Reduction surgery and sexual orgasm.
Reader : 9/5/1999>
I am a reporter working on an article about laser vaginal rejuvenation to enhance te sexual gratification.
I would like to have the opinion of dr. Lin about this kind of operations.
Does he think there is any prove that this kind of procedures enhance the sexual gratification for women? Thank you very much,
Dr. Lin: 9/7/1999> (Updated 3/23/2000: Now, You reduce the vaginal size by swelling the urethral spongy tissues along the vaginal ceiling from the G-spot to the Epicenter and strengthening up or grow the vaginal muscle (or develop more testosterone receptors in the G-spot and Epicenter tissues),  like what  body builders do (click here for how). This is the natural method of the vaginal reduction and the G-spot enlargement (click her for the fact). For women younger than 35 or 40, Heat Tea can do it very effectively; for middle-aged and senior women, ViaPal-hGH-D or -X is more cost-effective.) 
Vaginal narrowing does not make sense for sexual pleasure and orgasm because the vagina expansion in the final stage of intercourse is the key for women to get more G-spot and Epicenter stimulations. Particularly, the narrowed vagina will deflect the penis away from the Epicenter to strike the cervix or the gap between the rectum and cervix. The proper stimulation is to let the penis get into the gap between the cervix and bladder. This does nothing with the vaginal size.
To effectively stimulate the G-spot and Epicenter, the penis must approach the expanded vagina with a high attack angle as shown in
The penis must be hard and the vaginal must be fully expanded, free of penetration pain. The high-angle stimulation requires the vagina to be fully expanded, about 2-4 inches in diameter.
The vaginal grasping power is produced by the contractile muscles in the vaginal orifice and the vaginal end near the cervix. The most critical portion is that in the vaginal end that sucks the glans penis in deep penetration. as shown in the graphic illustration of
where the glans penis is grasped by the gap between the cervix and bladder.
The muscle strength determines the gripping force.
The glans penis is the portion that the vagina must grip.
The high-attack angle stimulation with a hard penis will focus the stimulation on the superior side of the glans. The reaction pressure on the glans can also fool the penis about the expanded size of the vagina. Therefore, a man with a hard erection will feel the glans always being grasped by the vagina. The Key for the vaginal-size problem is the hard penile erection, not the narrowed vagina.
The high-attack positions and the 3-point Excitation Position, with a hard penile erection, are the ultimate solutions for orgasmic dysfunctions. These love positions are size-independent.
Surgery will destroy the muscle structure/strength to grasp the penis, resulting in penetration pain. Once the vaginal muscle loses its elasticity and flexibility, vaginal reduction surgery will cause intercourse pain. Why?  Penetrating a surgery-narrowed, inelastic vagina  with a hard penis or object will produce tearing pain.  Surgery won't restore the vaginal muscle strength and elasticity.  Only vaginal exercise and testosterone can do it. Women should learn muscular-building experiences from body builders. Testosterone not only increase the sensitivity of the urethral/G-spot nerve, but also charge the parasympathetic nerves to  promote erection of the vaginal/urethral spongy tissues that narrow down the vaginal size during sex. Erection of the female clitoral/urethral tissues has the same mechanism of penile erection, requiring not only the parasympathetic nervous action, but also an immediate production/burst of erection mediator Nitric Oxide (NO) to increase the arterial dilator cycle GMP, the chemical that increases the blood flow into the penile or clitoral/ vaginal/urethral tissues. Our ViaGrowth products or ViaPal-hGH packages are formulated to take double actions. 
A narrowed vagina will force a weakly erected penis to ejaculate prematurely because it will produce too much friction on the male trigger zone (the male G-spot), the inferior side of the glans penis, approximately 1-1.5 inches from the urethral orifice, as shown in
The male prostate is equivalent to the female Epicenter, both of which are located under the bladder;
The male trigger zone is equivalent to the female G-spot, both of which are approximately located under the urethra and 1-1.5 inches from the urethral orifice;
The Glans penis is equivalent to the glans clitoris.

Understanding this analogy, men should know how to make love correctly to prolong the intercourse..

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