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Case Study - Tricks and Conditions to power up the clitoris and the penis for more Sexual Orgasm.
Reader : 8/30/1999>
1)Is it true that a larger clitoris would help a woman enjoy sex more? If so is there a method, drug, device that would achieve that?
2)What about the old"spanish Fly" aphrodisiac? Is there really such a thing and will it work for both the men and women? If so where could I purchase some?
3)Is it also true that a larger penis glan (cockhead) stimulates a woman's vagina more during intercourse? If so how does one achieves that with a method, drug or device?
Thank U Sex Master Lin
Dr. Lin: 9/1/1999>
1. Not necessay.
But, in the final stage of love making, the clitoris and G-spot must be engorged and popped out. The erected clitoris is like a tiny, erected penis, very firm, as shown in
The powered-up penis and the erected clitoris indicates the testosterone burst and burning in these organs. The hardness (firmness) of the sex organs, determining the ultimate orgasmic resposnes, is proportional to the testsoterone burst and burning rate which do nothing with the penile or clitoral size in the flaccid state.
To achieve that harness, the body has to release hGH, DHEA, and optimal estrogen to support the testosterone burst and burning. Too much estrogen will cold it down (put off the fire), and too less estrogen will limit the dilation of the blood vessel in the sex organs. Heat Tea can help women to achieve this level. ViaPal-hGH-P or ViaPal-hGH-E can help men make it.
2. We have tested "Spanish Fly" before. It makes people dizzy and sick. No good for sexual orgasm.
3. The glans penis is very important for women to achieving orgasm. But, you need a hard erection to support the entire penile shaft. Once you have a hard erection, you can sqeeze the blood to expand the glans penis as shown in
Use your index and thum fingers to massage the penile shaft from the base to the neck. This will squeeze the blood to the glans. This is my Penile Power-up Method which will expand the penis to an extreme, the maximun penile length which is approximately equal to the sum of the middle finger plus the palm size.
This size does nothing with the penis size in the flaccid state. To achieve this you need a burst of testosterone and an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase which burns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and bioelectricity. DHT with help from estrogen (estriol) and Nitric Oxide (NO) forces the penile tissue to expand, and the generated bioelectricity in the parasympathetic, sexual nerve continuously actuate the erection. (
Note: DHT is essential to grow the penis and clitoris during adolescence.  Without sufficient DHT action on the hormonal receptors, the penis will grow defectively and the clitoral glans will become very tiny - defective too! Excessive DHT and Estrogen (Estradiol) will results in prostate enlargement. Excessive Estradiol makes the labia and clitoral hood grow wildly! ) When the hormone-enriched blood fills the glans, the penis is fully expanded as shown.
The same principle is also applicable to the engorgement of the clitoris and G-spot. You have to stroke the clitoral shaft, as if you masturbate your penis. For your penis, don't masturbate, but massage, so that you can last longer!
The correct "massage: of the sex organs will help loosen the tissue and give the sexual nerves a super bioelectric charge, but the bloodstream must have sufficient hGH, DHEA and testosterone to start with. That is why I have formulated Heat Tea and ViaPal-hGH packages help people out.
Young men can simply take ViaGrowth/Fibra or PeniSOS/Fibra/Ginseng products to achieve this level because most young people have a very powerful pituitary-liver-adrenal-testicular function except those who are on medication. An example is given in
Young men love these package very much.
Middle agers, heart/blood-pressure patients and erectile users like ViaPal-hGH packages (items 3-009/012 as listed in /mail/herbform.htm)  very much,

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