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Case Study - Full-body orgasm as a medicine for the sexually abused or molested victum for Sexual Orgasm.
Reader : 8/30/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin...
When I have an extremely powerful orgasm, I cry. Not just a little bit--big, wracking sobs. My partner is alarmed sometimes, but I'm never sad. I feel it is a huge release and connection between us. Am I right? Or is there something deep-seatedly traumatic I am reliving? FYI, I was molested by my step-father from the ages of 10-14, but I can't imagine that my crying over a wonderful orgasm would be related to that.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Lin: 8/30/1999>
The Level-7 orgasm usually produces unpredictable, full-body orgasms with powerful, hydraulic shock waves in the arteries to drive the involutary, out-of-conscious responses, including seizure, body (head/leg/hand) numbess, extremely heavy breathing (shock waves in the lung), unworded cry (with tears sometimes), unsually dilated pupils and others which won't show up in the daily life. I call it "Little Death."
After the orgamic shock, the two bodies and two souls are melted into Oneness.
You are a lucky couple who can enjoy the Little Depth experience together. You should be proud of yourself that you can liberate your mind and body to conquer your child-molestation nightmare.
In fact, Oneness is the most powerful medicine for those who have been sexually absused or molested.
It is a body-and-soul treatment. But, the victum needs a right partner to help her or him to start the new life.
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