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Case Study - Male and Female Multiple Sexual Orgasm (s); Partial hysterectomy and Sexual Orgasm.
Reader : 8/27/1999>
Dear Dr. Lin.
We don't truly have a problem but more curious as to why a woman can have multiple orgasms and typically a man can not. What is the process a man's body goes through which requires time in between orgasms? Is it possible that men have smaller orgasm type feelings leading up to ejaculation?
Dr. Lin: 8/29/1999>
It seems you refer "multiple ejaculations" to "multiple orgasms."
Women don't have to provide a hard erection for penetration, but they need a hard erection of the clitoris/G-spot and the urethral spongy issues to achieve orgasm.
Hard erection is the key for men to perform and for women to orgasm. 
The degree of erection is a measure of how much sexual energy being stored in the parasympathetic nerve and the contractile fibers for both sexes.
Ejaculation (or orgasm) discharges the bioelectric energy stored in the parasympathetic, sexual nerve that actuates the erection. The burning of testosterone down there gives the nerve a supercharge in a sexual encounter. Ejaculation also discharge hormones and lower down the bioelectric level in the Center Nervous System (CNS). If the endocrine system is weak and the hormone-building substances are insufficient, the CNS won't get recharges. Without sufficient bioelectric energy in the CNS, the endocrine function becomes very slow.
Aging will make men lose the multiple ejaculation capacity.
Women don't need a full engorgement to have orgasm, depending on the level of orgasm. Like men, a powerful Level-7 orgasm will fully discharge women's sexual energy, and make them refuse to come second times.
But, they can come more than 2 or 3 times if they only experience Level-1 - Level-4 orgasms.
That is why I classify the "multiple orgasms" as "multiple-cycle orgasms", as shown in
One Level-7 Orgasm of 20-cycle contraction is the same as about 4 times of Level-3 orgasm or about 20 times of the clitoral orgasm, in one love session. The classification of multiple orgasms is given in
If we separate the male orgasm from ejaculation, men can have multiple orgasms too. Male orgasm, a group of bioelectric energy pulses running up to the spinal cord from the tail bone, can result from the contraction of the prostate or the tail bone/anal muscles. Ejaculation occurs when the prostate's ejaculation control valve is opened.
Ejaculation can happen even without the contraction of the prostate, or without orgasm. But, orgasm can be induced by the tail-bone/anal muscle without ejaculation.
Young men use multiple ejaculations to achieve multiple orgasm.
We, old Taoists, use the tail-bone/anal muscle to achieve multiple orgasms and power up the penis to an extreme for our partners to achieve Level 5-7 multiple orgasms. This male multiple-orgasm practice will make the penis expand to an extreme size, which is referred as the Penile Power-up Method, or Natural Penile Enlargement Method, as discussed in
This is what I called "One shot for multiple orgasms."
The capacity for men to hold back ejaculation depends on the bioelectric level in the parasympathetic, sexual nerve. The similar nerves in the prostate or the bladder outlet determine one's capacity of holding the urine in the bladder. The parasympathetic nervous nerves store bioelectric energy to control the prostate (women's Epicenter) and bladder functions down there.

Reader: 8/29/1999>
I have had a hysterectomy or partial. They removed my uterus but I have my ovaries still. Will the damage from that interfere with reaching a level 7 orgasm?
Dr. Lin: 829/1999>
Yes! Partial hysterectomy affects the degree of orgasm in two ways:
1. You have less contractile fibers responsible for uterine contraction during orgasm, that means, your uterine contraction is less powerful.
2. The hysterectomy scar will partially block the local blood circulation (testosterone delivery) and nervous commemoration  responsible for storing  bioelectric energy for uterine contraction (orgasm!).

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