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Case Study - Male multiple orgasms and How to balloon and thicken the penis for better sexual orgasm!
Reader 1: 8/25/1999>
Can u pls show me how to squeeze the penile shaft neck to make my head thicker????Where is it???How long would it take to make it thicker?If u have picture can u show me pls.
Where to massage the lower portion of the penile shaft and squeeze the penile "neck" of the glans.
U mean masturbate can make the penis head smaller?
Well I cool with ice water my testicles once a week.Is it a good way to boost up my penis and testicles?
Can I make my testicles bigger?
By the way do u have clearer picture of ur penis and testis when u erect and when normal .I want to see the comparison in size!!!!!Hope u don't mind showing me that..... Thanks...
Dr. Lin: 8/27/1999>
Ok! Please click the following link of the erected penis and testes.
I hope this pictorial file shows what you want to see.
The testes were lifted up and tightened to my body. My wife said that the tightness of the scrotum is proportional to my erection power based upon her long-term observation of my erection. I have been convinced.
The testicle size does nothing with the sexual power, but the ability of the scrotum to left up the testes does. It is the strength of the scrotum "muscle," implying the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), testosterone and DHEA levels in the local tissues and neurons. The strength of the scrotum muscle reflects the concentration of the hormones and the burning rate of testosterone. When testosterone is burning, perineum and tail-bone areas will be heated up and the parasympathetic, sexual nerve get supercharged. DHT, estrogen and Nitric Oxide (NO) in the local bloodstream stimulate the local tissues and nervous fibers to expand. The bioelectricity in the parasympathetic, sexual nerve actuates and continuously hold the erection.
Once you have such conditions in favor of erection, you can power up the penis. The penis is self-expanded when ejaculation almost occurs. At the moment, you must contract the anal/tailbone muscle as hard as you can, focus your mind in the rear brain, lock up your throat and dilate your pupils, and widely open your mouth. If you do it right, you will feel a power surge running up to your spinal cord and brain via your tail bone and eliminate ejaculation. Sometimes, you may feel multiple energy pulses being generated at that moment. This is what the male multiple orgasms are all about, but without ejaculation. You must eliminate ejaculation at the moment, so that the penis is swollen to a maximum and the hidden section of the penis (about 1-2" extra) is popped out. Then massage the pubis, the penile base (both sides of the penis next to the Pubis) and footing (under the scrotum), and groins. To enlarge the glans penis, you must squeeze both sides of the penis shaft from the base (hairy) area to the penile neck next to the glans, so that the blood will be pushed up from the base area to the penile head. Don't masturbate (don't stroke the penile shaft up and down along the urethra)! At the same time, you must avoid any pressure or stimulation on the urethra, particularly near the trigger zone in the inferior of the glans and the penile neck. This is the Penile Ballooning Process. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times, the penis is elongated to an extreme, slightly curved up and numbed gradually as shown in
Generally speaking, the female sexual energy in the Epicenter can be extracted to help the penile ballooning. The more the female energy, the larger the powered-up penis.
Masturbation will make the penile head smaller, because your squeeze the blood out of the glans.
You can cool down the scrotum every day after showering and bathing. This will pull the scrotum up to boost the testosterone production. This stimulation process is exact the same as that the fruit trees must be stimulated by the cool weather in the winter to get fully blooming in the spring.
Finally, you can not increase your testicle size by any means.

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